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Kavita J Patel has been a Love Coach since she was 13 years old, when she began coaching her parents through their turbulent marriage. Now in her 30s, it wasn’t until her relationship with her husband, Hemal, began to unravel early in their marriage that she really refined her skills as a Relationship Expert — developing a Process that single-handedly shifted her deeply unhappy marriage into an Outrageously Happy Relationship.

As a Love coach and some have called her a Love Intuitive, Kavita has worked one on one with over 250 women to reclaim their love lives, including executives at Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and more. She helps women make deceivingly small shifts, through her no bull shit style, diving deep beneath the surface of the superficial dating games and “rules”. Kavita knows how to change deep-rooted patterns that have sabotaged love in the past and helps her clients blast through their love barriers to give and receive love — by way of her pioneering techniques to transform their relationships with and beliefs around their parents.

She has helped women with the following:

  • Break free of past love patterns, to meet men that are of entirely new caliber.
  • Keep the men they enjoy dating interested and asking for more.
  • Have the punch in the gut moment of knowing, without a shadow of a doubt that the man they are with is absolutely the “one” for them.
  • Saving marriages on the brink of divorce resurrect a feeling of connection, passion, and love back into the relationship in a sustainable way.

As a second-generation Indian American who grew up steeped in the spiritual teachings of the ancient Jain dharma, Kavita has a rare blend of Eastern and Western perspective — on love, dating, and marriage.

Kavita has been featured on Huffington Post, Fox News, in Time Out New York, writes a column for Anokhi Magazine, and on the popular women’s website HealthyStyleNewYork, YourTango, and Bella Life to name a few.

“I’ve been given the gift of learning from a long lineage of gurus and I believe I was born to deliver this gift to the world. I am a female version of Deepak Chopra crossed with Judge Judy,” says Kavita.

She and Hemal live in New York City, and are more in love today than ever before. To find more about her personal love story Click Here.