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Author Archives: Kavita

Part 2: Feeling a connection with a man that isn’t pursuing you?

give heart in hand

Holy crap we had so many people write in and say that last week’s post really resonated with them.   One woman wrote: I’ve been really struggling lately with letting go of a past love interest. This man crosses my mind pretty much every day…when I shouldn’t care at all because our involvement was very…

feeling a connection with a man that isn’t pursuing you? here’s why


Have you ever felt a connection with a man that felt good and REAL, like there was definitely something between the two of you that you knew you had to explore further? The first couple of dates were magical and the more time you spent with him the feeling of connection grows. Internally you may…

Do you have daddy issues?


I was talking to my friend Monica the other day and she has been in a relationship for over three years with a man that she really loves, even though they are complete opposites. Mon is a vegetarian, animal loving, food conscious, planet loving, free spirit. Her boyfriend Jack is a hunting, meat eating, diet…

How to weed out the wrong men online (or in person)

IMG_0719 (1)

This past weekend I led an amazing retreat with a group of women who are in one of my programs. I felt so tapped in to the group and the emotions that surrounded all of us for two days. These women have come so far – one is planning her engagement (he already bought the…

What the heck are you doing, who cares?


Have you ever dated a guy that you KNEW wasn’t your future husband, but he was nice, fun, and dare I say - better than nothing? The whole time you’re together you can tell he’s pretty into you, and it feels good to know there’s a man out there who wants to be with you. And…

I’m totally crushing on him! What do I do about it?


I’ve been looking for ways to really let myself be a kid lately and find simple things that make me smile. I used to color and draw all the time as a kid and it was mostly hearts. I drew this picture for myself the other day and wanted to share it with you because…

Feel like dating is hard work? Here’s how to make it EASY and FUN


This week I was hanging out in Miami with one of my closest friends, Nisha Moodley. We attended an amazing conference where I was surrounded by a room full of people that are changing the world. Literally! I met a scientist who has gathered world leaders into a room to create a plan for world…

How letting the man pay really makes him feel

When you go out on a date, do you have problems letting the guy pay because it feels like you may then owe him something? Or When you need help with something in your life, maybe you don’t really ask friends and family because you don’t want them being burdened by your request or you…

She has a man and a seemingly perfect life, why don’t I?


Have you ever felt like married women or women in relationships have something you don’t just because they are married and you are single? Well, this is exactly how one of my new clients, let’s call her Anchaal, feels. She told me, “When I meet women who are my age and married, I get this…

Will I Scare Him Off?

Happy belated V-Day! I love V-day because it is simply a day of love. That’s it. I don’t like all the pressure that comes with it, even for people in relationships. So instead of talking about how inadequate V-day can feel, I am going to get you back into a place of feeling empowered around…