Not good enough isn’t enough…what!?

Here’s a picture from Worthy From Within: Break Free & Claim Your Destiny. It was an amazing event. We had 30 smart savvy beautiful women in the room. We identified our intentions, claimed our desires, meditated, and had ... READ MORE

All possibilities are right there within you

When I was younger, I was spirited. I would frequently get into trouble at school for talking too much and for being too loud, and I distinctly remember getting mad every time I was told by a teacher I was “too “something. I felt ... READ MORE

you’ve heard it, but seriously… DREAM BIG

I’m on a plane to LA as I write this, and I just finished the movie La La Land. I’ve been wanting to watch it in the theater and yet haven’t made it. So, it shows up on the screen, and I was like YES! This movie is all about chasing ... READ MORE