Forgiveness & Love

Jill said through tears, “If I were to forgive my Dad… then that would mean there’s something wrong with me, and if there’s something wrong with me then that means I’m to blame for why I’m still single.” She broke down and ... READ MORE

Are you being honest with yourself when it comes to love?

I was talking to a client and she said, “I can’t seem to get over my Ex, and I know for sure he’s not right for me but I still find myself crying over what happened and why we aren’t together. I need help to get over him for good or at ... READ MORE

admitting this is hard sh*t

I turned to him and said “I feel like you’re getting defensive, and translating what I just expressed to you as criticism. The truth is, I’m just reflecting back to you tendencies that can help you have more of what you want in your ... READ MORE