it’s hard to watch

Last week’s events in Charlottesville have elicited a ton of emotions in me, as it did for so many others. I’ve always been a little shy about getting involved and speaking out about politics. Mostly because there are so many ... READ MORE

Unlock your heart with this question

Over the years I’ve thought a lot about feeling worthy from within when it comes to love and relationships (I will be revealing a course on this soon). One of the keys to feeling worthy in love is also about feeling safe from within. ... READ MORE

maybe leading with your heart hasn’t gotten you into trouble

I said to my client, “Let your heart lead the way and it won’t steer you in the wrong direction.” She said, “It’s the listening to my heart that has gotten me into trouble in the past.” I’ve heard this a lot from clients, regardless of ... READ MORE

the key to fulfilling relationships

Anekantavad is a sanskrit word meaning multiplicity of viewpoint —through understanding and taking in all perspectives, one can find the truth. This tenant is thousands of years old. When my husband Hemal and I visited one of my Guru’s ... READ MORE