Unblock your karmic path

When she was little and looked around her home, she immediately knew where to put the sofa, where the art pieces should be placed and what colors to paint the walls. She also loved painting on canvas. She was born with these natural ... READ MORE

You’re allowed to fall in love as many times as you want

My friend looked at me and asked, “Is it okay that I’m falling in love with him?” She was looking for permission to dive into a feeling that is so exhilarating and intoxicating. She was also terrified, giving herself permission to fall ... READ MORE

Why it’s so hard to tell someone you like them

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Feeling Sad

Why getting him to pursue you is not the answer

Yesterday, a single friend asked me.. “There’s this guy I’m interested in, and we’ve gone out a couple of times. He’s been traveling a lot and he hasn’t kept in touch. But I will say, when I do reach out he quickly writes me back, and ... READ MORE