Kavita standing on the beach reflecting

Lead with love even if you risk getting hurt.

One of the biggest problems I see facing us in love is that we are terrified of getting hurt, feeling pain, or of making a mistake. This fear keeps us feeling comfortable and safe, and yet leaves us unfulfilled and in a state of ... READ MORE

Ever felt your walls go up?

One of my best guy friends, Matt, was set up on a date with Sarah by his Aunt. Sarah looked up Matt on Facebook and Matt looked up Sarah, and they were both interested in being introduced, so Matt’s Aunt made that happen. Matt made the ... READ MORE

The one conversation that will scare and transform you…

Two weeks ago I sent you an email about how the mother of one of my closest friends was dying of cancer. And how, in the last couple of months I guided my friend to ask her Mom questions about their relationship, so that my friend ... READ MORE

She inspired me with her courage

This is what one of my closest friends texted me and it hit me right in my heart. As I said in the text, there were immediate tears. Now, today’s post is a little different than most. Today I am talking about the most influential ... READ MORE