This program is filled with exclusive access to me, retreats with a community of like-minded women, and an individualized roadmap to discover how you can have exactly what you want in love.

Now, Love Mastery isn’t for just any woman. It’s for women who are smart, successful, and busy building their place in the world but just can’t seem to get it right in love. This program requires a willingness to invest in yourself, get vulnerable, and release the subconscious patterns that are holding you back from having the kind of love you want.

Is that you?

Maybe you’ve experienced:

Wondering if finding the kind of man you desire is close to impossible because family and friends tell you that you are intimidating, always so busy, or are just too good for most men. Feeling like it’s painful to see other women in your life getting engaged and starting a family even though you want to be happy for them. Having insecurities about your dating history, body, or age that you feel are THE reason you haven’t been able to find an amazing man to share your life with yet. Wanting to have someone by your side to help guide you in exactly what to do when you meet a man you like, so you don’t mess it up or let all of those feelings of doubt and uncertainty keep you up at night? All of these feelings and thoughts are making you wonder:

Does the kind of man that I desire even exist? Can I have him?

And I’m not just talking about just any man - I am talking about a man who:

Imagine what it would be like to emotionally, spiritually, and physically connect with a relationship-ready man.

Reason 1: You are trying to control your love life.

Following the dating rules like waiting 90 days to have sex, waiting 3 days to call after a date, or looking unavailable feel like a good idea. They give you some sort of guidance to go off of in moments when you feel totally clueless because you’re into a man and don’t know what to do and don’t want to screw it up. In the rest of your life, you rarely feel clueless - you usually know what to do. So, interacting with men you are into can feel like navigating without a compass. But the rules don’t work because:

Reason 2: There are deeper patterns that are stopping you from seeing how you’re really showing up with men.

See, the FOOTPRINT that your mom and dad left on you has EVERYTHING to do with what you have learned about love, the beliefs you’ve created about love, and the habits you have developed in relationships with men. THAT is what is holding you back. You don’t realize your impressions around your parents are exactly what is preventing you from finding or keeping your man. And if you don’t get clear on what these impressions are, and find out what you need to do to shift them, you’ll stay in the same patterns that have kept you single. Even if you love your parents to death AND love their relationship with each other,

Reason 3: Something is blocking you from being able to tap into your intuition and trust yourself.

When you are able to really tap into your intuition, you are able to feel into the kind of men who are RIGHT for you. You’ll recognize the red flags versus date a man with “potential” and then realize you just stayed in a relationship that wasn’t going anywhere for way too long. You have men keep coming back for more because you are NATURALLY showing up as your confident, loving self. Until you figure out what is stopping you from tapping into this guidance, and until you are able to TRUST that you are ALWAYS making the best decisions you can in love, you will never be able to truly let in the love of an amazing man.

· online dating · blind dates · self-help books · advice from friends · maybe even matchmaking

And they may have helped you meet men, and maybe even shifted the way you’ve been approaching dating, but... You probably forget everything the books and free coaching has taught you the minute you stood in front of a man you could finally see yourself with.

You need an expert.

Not only am I dating a great man, but Love Mastery has improved how I show up in all my other relationships -- business, family, friends!

After dating like it was my full time job and never finding anyone substantial, I started to HATE it. Though I felt like a catch, I was losing hope. I started Love Mastery to learn what behaviors or mindsets were ultimately blocking me from love. At first I felt guilty for spending money and was dreading it being like therapy and requiring me to dig through my past. BUT I am so happy I did. Kavita helped me to clear blocks and negative beliefs and start having SO much fun dating again. I'm in a relationship now and by the time I met him and we decided to become exclusive, I had to let 2 other high-quality men know that I could no longer date them! THANK YOU! -Tina

Parts of my life are unrecognizable! I've never regretted the decision to enroll in Love Mastery for a second.

Before I started working with Kavita, I was dating and feeling frustrated by how little fun I was having and how superficially I was connecting to men. Not only that, but I went into this program in a really bad place with my dad and the thought of having tough conversations with him was, well, terrifying. Now my relationship with my dad is, for the first time in 30 years, easy, peaceful and lighthearted. Before I started LM, I was in a PhD program that was making me miserable. Kavita helped me dissolve the root of my insecurity and I was able to leave the program and connect to myself in a more authentic way. As for dating, I am more discerning in who I spend my time with and actually have fun on dates! I feel more open to attracting an authentic match than ever. -Lizy

You might be asking, “But Kavita, my friends didn’t need help finding someone, why do I?”

The truth is, your friends are either going to have to face these same blocks in their relationship and struggle (I see it all the time, hence why our divorce rate is so high), or they have already figured out the fundamentals I am going to share with you. You might believe love is just supposed to happen at the right time or place or when you aren’t looking for love. All of this is really not true. And as the great philosopher Rumi says:

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

I would have nowhere near the success I have in my business without the support and love of my husband Hemal. But I almost lost him twice because I was doing everything wrong. When, after our first year of marriage, Hemal told me wasn’t happy, I knew I had to find this missing piece of the puzzle: what is it that makes love last? After all, I’d already lost him once when we were dating, and I knew I couldn’t risk losing him again.

Looking all the way back to our early problems, I started to see that the missing link was in me, not in him.

So I dove in and did all of the same work that I share with my clients that repeatedly gets them results.

Spoiler alert: You won’t have to wait on him to show up to start feeling like this. In Love Mastery, you’ll start feeling loved now -- and this changes EVERYTHING in life. When you tap into this, your whole life takes off.

So are you ready to finally find the love of your life?

Then click on the link below and fill out the application to be a part of an elite group of women that are lighting their lives on fire starting in April.

Private 1:1 Coaching With Kavita

Each month, you’ll have private one-on-one coaching with Kavita to pinpoint your love blocks, get the support to completely turn them around, release the past, and feel at ease and confident in love. You also have unlimited access to me via email. Hardly anyone these days offers this kind of support, that is what makes me DIFFERENT…...

3 Weekend Love Retreats

You, me, and a group of like-minded, ambitious women will be gathering together for 3 weekend mastermind intensives to enjoy gorgeous accommodations, delicious food, and fulfilling connection -- all this while overturning deep-seated love blocks so you can create exactly what you desire in love. These are extremely powerful weekends. Not only do you get to connect with like minded women, but you will learn so much from their stories and experiences, and they will learn so much from you. You will come out of these weekends feeling rejuvenated, changed, and excited about what needs to happen next in love and in life.

Ongoing Community Support

You’ll bond with the other amazing women in this program who are making the same level of commitment to love as you are in the three incomparable retreats, monthly group community calls, and in an ongoing forum.

Every woman deserves and can have this kind of love, and my client’s results speak for themselves.

I’m finally being myself with men and not blaming myself if someone just isn’t right for me!

When I started the Love Mastery program, I was in a 2.5 year relationship with someone I cared for very much, but who just didn’t feel like the ONE to me. I spent much of the relationship trying so hard to make it better somehow, to be a different person, but I knew I wanted more. Two months into Love Mastery, we broke up through what was one of the most loving conversations I could have ever imagined. With Kavita’s support, I have been able to process all of the feelings and emotions that came up for me along the way without feeling the total craziness that I had in the past. I’m back out in the world and dating and actually being MYSELF from the start. THANK YOU Kavita! -Rachael

He is the One! He is different than any man I have been with in my life.

I want you to meet him. Yes he is the one! I have been in a monogamous relationship with him for quite some time now. Without your class, I doubt if I would’ve ever been open to even accept him in my life. Your class helped me so much! He is different than any man I have been with in my life. He fit my entire list that you helped me write. I opened my heart, Kavita, and when I asked my friend if she knew of anyone that she thought would be perfect for me and in he walked! We have been together ever since. I decided to trust you and now I have the happiness I have wanted my whole life. -J.K., Interior Designer, Missouri

So, let me ask you:

To be considered for the Love Mastery program, fill out the application here. Applying to Love Mastery is risk-free -- you are by no means obligated to join the program. Just filling out the application will give you great clarity on exactly where you are in love and where you desire to be. If you are accepted, you will speak with Kavita 1:1 to look into the program more deeply together.

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·You’re just too busy. You have no time. What you don’t have time for is to stay stuck in the same place in your love life that you are right now. In my last Love Mastery Program, women have gone from single and struggling to being in satisfying relationships within a few short months. For less than two hours worth of time from you a month, this is life changing. · You don’t believe your luck with men will ever change. You’ve given up. If you really believed that you wouldn’t be here. Deep down you still believe there’s a great guy out there that’s perfect for you. Otherwise you wouldn’t of found yourself here reading this. And I’ll show you how believing it is the first and most important step on your way to him. And you have to borrow some of my belief in this being possible for you to even take this first step in filling out the application.

I get that love sometimes feels like the very thing that is going to throw you off your game, take away your freedom, or make you feel that you’re not the strong woman that you are.

And I want you to know from the bottom of my heart to yours that falling in love with the right man and starting a life together can feel like the most amazing experience of your life: a freedom you haven’t experienced yet. I believe without a shadow of doubt that every woman deserves and can have this kind of love.

Apply now for Love Mastery. You have nothing to lose. QUESTIONS? Questions? email to get your questions about Love Mastery answered.

He’s “the One,” I’m his One, and we want to spend the rest of our lives together. I can’t even begin to describe how joyful I feel!

Kavita, I had just started dating someone, so the timing was perfect in helping me work through my love blocks and anxieties, and really helped me to just enjoy my new man and this budding new relationship. Fast forward to about nine months later, and we are still together! In fact, this weekend we had a talk about our future together: basically, he’s “the One,”! I owe so much of my contentment in love to the clarity, confidence and insights I got from our work together. And not just with romance but with family and friends as well! Thanks for your amazing work, Kavita, it’s made such a huge difference! Endless gratitude. -K.M.A, Writer, Chicago

So many amazing possibilities have opened up, most of which I never imagined were possible. Without the support and trust of Kavita, this would have never been possible.

I was in and out of an unhealthy relationship for years (haven’t we all been there??!!). I didn’t see how I could get out of it. It really seemed impossible. Even if I did get out, what would I do after that? Be single forever? Kavita helped me to see things from a unique point of view. She approached my situation differently than anyone else had. She didn’t constantly tell me that I needed to stop doing this, stop doing that. She got me to a place where I wanted to stop. After years of trying to get out, I finally ended my relationship. Thank you Kavita! -Stacy, Production Manager, New York, NY