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Are you making the wrong assumptions about him?

How an alien movie taught me a lesson in love

I wanted to write to you about understanding CONTEXT when interacting with men, so that you aren’t just jumping to conclusions that keep you from connecting with a man you like. A great example of this was in a Bollywood movie I ... Continue Reading »


  • On my Ask Me Anything call last week I had a women ask, “How can I tell my best friend that I want to be more than friends?” She explained that she wasn’t totally attracted to him, but wanted to see if ... Watch Video »

    Compatibility and Chemistry. Do you have to choose?
  • Sigh, I know. It’s a terrible problem to have, dating more than one good man. So much so that you don’t know who to choose. But my sarcasm (and your friends jokes about what a “player” you are) ... Watch Video »

    How do you choose between more than one man?
  • Have you ever been in a relationship with a man who had kids before you got together? Or maybe totally written a guy off if he had children, without letting him take you on a date? A man with kids can be ... Watch Video »

    Kavita coaching Sofia LIVE


  • “Kavita is finally removing the veil of dating and showing us what it really takes to get into a great relationship. Kavita will take you deep, will make you cry (in a good way) and will help you see men, women and yourself in a whole new light. No one is doing what Kavita does, and I can safely say that every single woman who wants to find love should work with her.”

    Sarah Jenks Coach + Founder of Live More Weigh Less
  • “Kavita is my secret weapon. Intimate relationships have always been fun (but a challenge) for me in the past. Since working with Kavita, I feel at peace as she's been able to guide me to trust myself and understand relationships better so that every time a "challenge" comes up, it feels effortless and a deeper sense of love comes from it.”

    Lewis Howes Lifestyle Entrepreneur + Author
  • “Kavita has an insight into answering the "why am I still single" question that is not only one-of-a-kind in the dating industry, but exceptionally powerful. If you feel like nothing you have tried as worked before, Kavita's system could be the answer to unlocking your heart so that you can find the loving relationship you desire.”

    marni smiling
    Marni Battista Dating Expert
  • “There are some people who have a knack for lovingly seeing right into your soul. Kavita is one of those people. As a dear friend, I know her more deeply than most, and I can easily say that she has one of the most service-oriented hearts I’ve ever known. She is a true champion of love, compassion, and presence, and has a gift for turning love blocks into access points for connection.”

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    Nisha Moodley Women’s Leadership Coach

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