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Feeling like a love loser? Here’s the truth.

Love Loser

I had the most amazing photo shoot for my website in LA last weekend with photographer Wendy Yalom. It was like she knew exactly how to pull out the essence of what I believe about love. I was lucky enough to have my dad and Hemal both here with me. Here is one of the…

Can falling in love cause anxiety?

Can falling in love cause anxiety?

I have officially landed in LA for the winter. I am SO happy to be here. The warmth keeps me going and in creation in a way that just feels good for me. Here is a picture of me in the apartment we got for while we’re here! This is my new workspace This week, I…

One mindset shift needed if you are slowly giving up on love


I am so excited. This week, I cooked up some really special videos that are coming your way. Here is a picture giving you a sneak peek:   We’re doing the big reveal on Valentine’s Day so make sure you stay tuned! Today I want to let you in on a really hard conversation with…

How being too “open” to love can make you unknowingly settle in a relationship


This week I wanted to let you in on an experience I watched my brother go through around Love. He met a girl online who he really liked. They had been talking for about 3 weeks (a LOT), getting to know one another and having those deep-hearted conversations. Yes my brother is deep. Runs in…

ready to feel excited about finding true love again?


Happy New Year! I can’t believe that it is already 2015. Can you? Here’s a pic of me celebrating the holidays with my family in Tampa!   She was feeling hopeless looking towards the New Year. I was talking to my client Lori earlier this week. She’s 50 and hasn’t been in a relationship for…

Something to remember if you are tired of being single

Katsu Nojiri

Happy Holidays! I have been in Tampa at my in laws all week. My parents are here and my brother. One HUGE family together in the warmth. It has been really fun. We went to Epcot center, the beach and we’re doing the usual eating and sleeping. I will have some pictures for you next…

a poem from my heart

where is true love

Today I am keeping it short and sweet. I wrote this poem below from my heart. I felt inspired this week. Love is a journey A reflection of self always There is nothing more to seek For what we desire most is to be sought And yet we find what feels like joy  In places that…

My Birthday GIFT to you.

I am a big believer in celebrating birthdays. It is the day we were brought into the world! There is no better gift than that. Here is a picture of me when I was little. (Some things never change!)                 Every year when my birthday rolls around I…

this 2-minute video encompasses everything I teach


Not too long ago, a client of mine sent me a video and said, “I totally thought of you when I saw this!” It’s called the Could Have Been Love Story, and LOVED it. I wanted to share it with you today because it is an eye opener around how much we filter ourselves and…

Feel like taking a break from dating?

image (2)

This Wednesday marked the last Q&A call for my Soul Level Love program. I can’t believe 8 weeks have flown by. The women in SLL are extraordinary. I have challenged them to see men and relationships differently and they have accepted the challenges and have seen extraordinary results. On the last call one of the…