It’s been an emotional week for me

This week has been a crazy emotional week. My team has been working hard to deliver an amazingly loving experience for my Live Event, Done With Being Single: 3 Unexpected Secrets to Meeting the Love of your Life.

I really try hard to infuse everything with love, and have my eye on ensuring that you know you deserve love in the grandest form. It is the truth; I believe it to my core. So, I’ve had an emotional week because being in the thick of creation can stir up a lot of stuff.

I was thinking about all of these women breaking through in love all in one room at the same time (that is some powerful shit).

I was searching for what I really want to teach, what lights me up, and what resonates with you.

I was trying to make sure you will feel taken care of.

I was thinking of how grateful I am to be doing work like this.

This is my first LIVE in person event (the first of many) and so you can imagine that fear was creeping up too.  Lately I have been going and going but yesterday I had some downtime, and it really hit me just how powerful of an event this was going to be for everyone. Suddenly, the fear hit. I realized the fear was stemming from me thinking that it was all on me to make this event amazing. It felt like I was on an island.

Yup! That is where I went and the more I went there, the more anxiety I created. The truth is that I have an amazing team, and as soon as I reminded myself that I was supported by my parents, husband, friends, brother, and team, what a sense of relief I felt!

I’m telling you this because we have all been there and I know this is how you feel about putting yourself out there around love. You feel like it is so powerful, so big, and that it is something you have to do all by yourself. Well, that is simply not true.

Have you ever felt stranded in your head with no way out? You met a guy that had potential and you start to think about marrying him without even knowing his middle name. In those moments it’s like everything rests on your shoulders: you have to say hello to him, you have to smile, you have to be flirty and be open, and you have to look available but not too available.

So instead of actually making a move or soliciting a move on his part, you do nothing because it is easier to do nothing than something. If you do nothing you can’t get hurt; you don’t have to feel anything and you don’t have to pick yourself back up.  So, you hide behind work, friends and family and you keep going and going so you don’t have to feel the aloneness and distance between you and having the love of your life.  Even when you are with people you love and that love you, you make it about everyone else, revealing very little about what is going on for you, because if you were to reveal it and indulge the feelings for a second, you fear that you would burst into tears and never stop crying because of how alone you feel in the world.

This week I called my parents and literally cried like a baby, saying all kinds of irrational, illogical things. I just needed to do it! And then something amazing happened- I felt like there were people on my island. I was no longer alone; I was no longer stuck in my head. I have people who care about me JUST as MUCH as I care for them. Logically, I knew all along that I had a team to help and so many people rooting me on, and yet emotionally I couldn’t feel it until I opened myself up and asked to FEEL it.

So I’m telling you that YOU are not ALONE! I know logically you know this too, but emotionally you may not feel it yet. Your Lovework this week is that you are going to breakdown, yes! Oh yes, you are going to FEEL IT.


Reach out to someone that can hold all of the emotions that you have. We all need to be reminded that people that love us aren’t going anywhere and that we can rely on them by using their strength when we don’t have a ton of it. So, this week you are challenged with FEELING IT. Stop distracting and feel all your frustrations in love and cry it out with a close loved one. I promise you that it will feel ridiculously good afterwards, and you will actually feel loved (which is what you are searching for) in the process.

Share with me below how this feels for you, and remember that love attracts in love. (CLICK TO TWEET)

In Love,


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