Life is long and can be super short. how are you showing up?

This week I am writing you from the Catskills, where I will be attending a wedding for a good friend of mine from the corporate world. He was my partner in crime, helping me “figure” things out when Hemal and I were in the beginning of getting back together. I remember that he was also dreaming about when he would find a lady friend that he could really commit to, and here we are today! I can’t wait to celebrate with him. He has a great story about how he found love, so I will see if I can get him on board to share it with you next week!

This week we also had our first Done With Being Single class and it was awesome! The women are amazing and all are asking bold questions and are committed to finding love. It was a great week and I can’t wait to see what transpires over the next few months!

I also got a call from another old friend of mine this week. Her grandmother is passing, and her parents called her up yesterday to let her know. She was crushed. Her grandmother is 90 and has been terminally ill, but it is never easy to hear that a loved one is no longer going to be on this planet.

In the spirit of what she was feeling, I had to write to you really from a place of being fired up and compassionate. So many of you fear what breaking through your blocks in love will make you experience and endure and I get it. But I don’t want you to stay there.

When Hemal broke up with me (right when I seriously thought we were getting engaged), it WAS NOT fun. To the contrary, I was depressed for quite some time. Would I want to go back to that moment and relive that again? No. However, I will say that I don’t regret one ounce of hurt that I felt because it honestly made me stronger, helped me to know what I am made of, what I deserve, and who I deserve to be with.

When he came back into my life, I had to go through a whole lot of feelings around: “Can I really trust him? Will he leave me again?  I would be so crushed if he did that to me again.” Now, being on the other side of all of that, THANK GOD I decided to trust him and to follow my heart instead of letting the fears lead the way, even if it meant that everything wouldn’t always be perfect. {If you haven’t heard my story, click HERE for the full scoop.}

Too many of you are wasting a lot of time guarding your heart, making sure you make the right moves, not trying to rock the boat, playing it safe, and all it is doing is keeping love at bay. You aren’t letting a man or the other people in your life that love you FULLY IN for fear of them hurting you at some point.

Life is long and can also be way too short. Listening to the fear, which many of you are doing, is only going to lead to regrets. I wrote about this last week and this week is a continuation of making sure you are living your life full out, ESPECIALLY IN LOVE.

So, how do you do this? The way I ensure I am constantly playing full out in love is to ask myself one question. This usually happens when I am having some sort of disagreement with Hemal, my parents or even a friend. When this happens, I ask myself:

“If this was my last interaction with this person, would I want to leave it with what has been said and what hasn’t?”

If your answer is “no,” then there is something more to reveal or apologize for. This question is so powerful because it allows the ego and fear bow out, and let the heart lead.

Your Lovework:

Ask yourself the same question, “If this was my last interaction with this person, would I want to leave it with what has been said and what hasn’t?” about the most important relationships in your life: Mom, Dad, Siblings, Partners, and Friends. I am super serious about this. Too many of you are avoiding lots of things, and love is at the top of the list — expressing love is what I mean.

Right now, start expressing your love, like:

  • Telling the guy you like that you like him
  • Expressing to the man you are in a relationship with that you want to get married
  • Letting go of a man that isn’t good for you
  • Going beyond friendship to try out love with a man that you adore
  • Telling your mom that you need to hear from her that she loves you
  • Asking your dad to reveal how proud of you he is
  • Giving a man that hurt you but wants a second chance another go

You are feeling hurt from past experiences (I get it) and you are trying to ensure that never happens again. That is only leading to a life of mediocrity. You have this life. LIVE IT, LOVE IT. I promise you, the fears are just illusions. {TWEET THIS}

Tell me your thoughts about where you are avoiding stepping into love in a bigger way. I am excited to talk with you in the COMMENTS below!

In Love,


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