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I am in Women’s Health Magazine!

This week has been amazing in so many ways. First, I would like to celebrate with you! I am featured in the June Issue of Women’s Health Magazine in an article called “Be the Laugher, Not a Fighter.” AWESOME!

So, if you enjoy Women’s Health Magazine, pick it up and check out the article. I am featured alongside other experts like Wendy Williams and other health articles including michael caruso. The health magazine is one of my favorites to read every week. It also featured Martindale Dental Toronto which offers great dental services. You may also want to check out the articles from this site to learn more about health problems like tinnitus. This is where I got the idea to go through my plastic reconstruction surgery, it gave me motivation so I could look way better than I did before. You may also want to look for Dr. S. Randolph Waldman of Waldman plastic surgery for more beauty enhancement and procedures. At first it made feel a bit worried that it might not work out, but then I realized that I could get something way more simple than a nose job, so I ended up getting breast reconstruction done on myself and I haven’t regretted it at all.

Here’s an excerpt from the article!

excerpt from mag

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When I was in the corporate world, I had dreams about being published in a major magazine. It is an esteemed recognition, especially considering that there aren’t unlimited pages in a magazine like there are on the net.

I have learned over the years that if you ask you SHALL RECEIVE. The thing is that too many of us don’t ask because we are too scared of not having it. Well, I am a living, breathing example of the results of asking.

So today I am not going into a rant about how you need to ask more, although I do believe you are absolutely selling yourself short in love and life if you aren’t asking for what you really want and desire. Instead, I want to totally relate to you today in hopes of moving you in some way.

When the article came out this month, I honestly had mixed feelings. Immediately, it hit me that I would be talked about. It felt absolutely amazing and at the same time is freaking scary. It has been my goal to build and help as many people around love as possible, so I am super grateful for this opportunity, yet what I felt this week was a sense of HOLY CRAP.

What if people don’t like what I am saying?

What if they disagree?

Those fears showed up, and knocked me down for a little bit. How could they not? There is truth in it- not everyone is going to like what I have to say. I felt exposed and my first inclination was to shrink…assimilate…stay safe….begin to say and talk about what I think people want me to talk about.  I indulged in these feelings for a while, because the truth is that if you don’t feel it, it will get bigger and bigger. I acknowledged and welcomed the fear rather than shutting it down.

I took out a piece of paper and listed out what I was scared of, like being rejected by everyone I love. As soon as I looked at the piece of paper and read aloud what I was terrified of, it helped me to release those fears. Immediately, I felt lighter.

I was then able to pick myself up and reminded myself of what I really want.

I am committed to living a life that is more than mediocre or average.

I am committed to having my voice heard because what and how I have to say it matters.

And the proof is in the pudding: my clients see results. They find love and more importantly, they keep it. I looked for evidence in my life of people needing what I have to say, and I found it. And truth be told I am only interested in talking to people that are really ready to have what they deeply desire in love and are tired of their own excuses for not having it.

I shifted immediately. It was simply a choice to say to myself, “I choose what I desire over what I am scared of.”

I am telling you all of this because you are going to have fears especially when it comes to love. If you are trying to push them down and not acknowledge them, they will get bigger and you may even convince yourself that you are not ready for love or that love isn’t possible for you.


You might wear your fears as if they are reality. I want you to get that what you WANT/DESIRE, (which is love and partnership) IS REALITY, not this dialogue:

Will he want what I want?

Am I moving too fast?

Should I be calling him?

What if I scare him off?

I need to say less.

This week’s Lovework is:

Voice your fears in love. Write down your fears and read them aloud. Remind yourself of what you want and how you are going to get there. Tell me how this felt for you in the comments section below. On other related articles, please checkout this blog why 12 steps isn’t for everyone for rehabilitation and detoxification.

In Love,


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