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Can you find true love while you’re in a “mediocre” relationship?

Have you ever known you were talking to or dating someone who wasn’t totally right for you but you really enjoyed spending time with them?

Maybe you just had a lot of fun together.

Or the sex was really good.

Or they felt really good to lie next to while you watch a movie on the couch.

Maybe you haven’t been dating that long, but something is missing. That feeling of knowingness inside that you don’t quite think you can spend the rest of your life with this person.

But you don’t necessarily feel ready to let them go.

Sometimes you’re not totally clear if they actually are right for you.

Sometimes we like having someone around.

Sometimes you’ve had an astrology session and learned that your time for marriage is not for another few years (yes this happens all the time and I DO believe we all have our time!)

So are you just supposed to stay alone the whole time?

Does keeping the wrong person around too long keep the right person away?

Here are the top three questions you can ask yourself to help you know if you are dragging out the wrong situation and keeping true love at bay:

1) Am I growing?

Does the current situation you’re in expand you? Is it teaching you how to be more expressive of your true self, helping to shift a perspective, or opening you up to new possibilities for what is available to you?

If you can feel yourself expanding with this person, then it may not be necessary to cut yourself off from their presence just yet.

But if you feel yourself constricting who you are, feeling stagnant, or getting smaller, this interaction is not serving you.

2) Am I being open and honest?

Have you been able to let this person in on your feelings of incompleteness with them? Letting them in on your feelings about your relationship?

This honesty in communication opens up channels for the right person to come into your life because you are signaling that you will not settle and you are looking for what it is that you desire.

When we exist in the truth of what is going on for us, we stay open to the possibilities for new situations to arise.

3) If the right person knocked on my door right now, what would I do?

Would you feel ready if “the one” showed up for you right now? Does that thought make you excited or does it bring on a ton of feelings of self doubt?

Often times the right person hasn’t shown up in our lives yet simply because it is not our TIME.

When you feel ready, and really look forward to this person being in your life from a place of KNOWING that they are going to show up, all of the other interactions are simply tools and learning points along the way.

Basically, you won’t have trouble being honest about your feelings towards someone when you are open to find true love.

So if you are feeling like you are growing and expanding, being honest with yourself and the other person about where you’re at, and trusting that you will be ready when the right person arrives, you are in the right space to share time with the “wrong” person.

Every person is brought into our lives for a reason, there are no accidents. {Tweet This}

But it is about tapping into your truth about WHY they are there and TRUSTING that everything is always working out for you.

What do you think? Have you ever been in a relationship like this? Tell me over in the comments on the blog how it went for you and what you got out of it.

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