Here’s why you are attracting the bad boy …

Ah, the bad boys.

It can feel like something mysteriously attractive about them since what seems like the beginning of time.

Connection with them is off the charts, but talk of commitment makes them super uncomfortable.

And that super nice guy who is ready to plan the dates, get married, talk about kids? No chemistry there at all.

Have you ever experienced this?

In this weeks LIVE Coaching episode of KavitaTV, my guest Leila is tired and frustrated with falling for the bad boys and actually even being a little turned off by the nice guys.

Click below to tune in. You will see Leila was a little resistant to what I had to say to her.

My short answer is, YES, you can you have both the excitement AND the stability with a man. But you’ll have to tune in to this episode to watch us get to the heart of what’s going on for Leila.

Then let me know over in the comments about your own experiences with this and what connections you made for yourself.

In Love,

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