I miss my ex, how can I get him back?

One of the toughest decisions when it comes to love (okay, there are a ton) can be getting back together with an ex.

Even when you know it’s what you want, how do you find out it’s what he wants? How do you know you won’t end up back where you started or regretting your decision?

Sometimes, that’s a risk you need to take.

In this weeks episode of KavitaTV, I sit down with my beautiful guest Susan.

Susan got clear that she wants to get back together with her ex, but is also afraid of things going back to the way they were – which led to their breakup in the first place.

If you don’t clear your own love blocks, it can be easy to fall back into the same place you and your Ex were in when you broke up.

Together we pinpoint a specific situation for Susan that has her realize what she did that may have pushed love away.

If you are currently or have struggled with how to re-engage with your Ex and want to clear up any left over feelings – this episode is for you.

In this video you will even find out what you could say to your Ex to get him back if you are still wanting to be with him.

In Love,


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  • Liz Brazier

    I loved how this episode highlighted when we try to do the exact opposite of what we didn’t like in our parents relationship (so to protect ourselves) we actually end up doing it! Amazing what goes on, on a subconscious level. Thanks Kavita and Susan

    • Kavita

      Thanks Liz!

  • Judy

    I loved how you brought Susan to the place of knowing. So much of our reactions are based on childhood experiences with our parents.
    What I find challenging is the bringing together of both partners experiences. As she triggered the response in her X, I’m certain he had his own experiences that mirrored or they would not have been drawn together.
    Will it be enough for her to change/ recognize her reactions?
    It seems like we do this dance together.
    Wondered if you have any interviews on one sided relationships?
    I love a man who loves me. He surely demonstrates it, however he just can’t get pass his prior hurts and trust issues to fully commit. His parents marriage was a train wreck.
    Thank you. Judy

    • Kavita

      HI Judy, Do you love him also? No relationship is ever one sided. We all bring the good and the bad into where we are at. Recognizing and getting to the root of why we expect what we expect.

  • Paula

    I resonated with this one because obviously I still have feelings for my ex and left when there was a really stubborn issue that made me super angry. it’s difficult to know if you made the right decision but I have a hard time moving on and it’s been almost 2 years. I was inspired to send him a message today mainly apologizing for my anger but I don’t expect anything out of it as in the video, it’s a 2 person decision

    • Kavita

      HI Paula, good for you sending him a message. Did you tell him how you feel about him?

  • Andrea

    Just curious if you have any guidelines for reconnecting with an ex when it’s been a long time (1.5 years) you don’t know their feelings or their current relationship status. I still have feelings for my ex but we didn’t actually break up, he just disappeared. I think he was going through something but I don’t know what (possibly something with his ex who had visa issues). I am afraid if I reach out, he will not respond and I will feel crushed again. Or is that just a sign if he walked away that he is not a good match? BTW all my friends thought he was amazing so were all shocked when he just disappeared and stopped responding to me. I do know he is fine and nothing happened to him…

    • Kavita

      Hi Andrea, The only way you can find out what you need is to know is to ask him. Reach out and let him know that you have been thinking about him and ask him what you need to know. If he’s married or involved? If he has kids? Whatever it is you need to know. Does that make sense for you?

  • Jamie

    I have watched several of your videos. So many resonate with me, making me think there are many issues I need uncovered. What you resist persists. How many things am I resisting due to all the dysfunction I saw in my parent’s relationship? I was in a 17 month relationship with the man I felt was the one. It’s been 6 months since he stopped wanting anything to do with me. I know a lot of it stem from his issues, but of course my issues were there too. His baggage played off of my baggage – he had a suffocating upbringing with a controlling mother who never affirmed him. I was abandoned; my parent’s were functioning alcoholics. I still love him tremendously & continue to cry daily over this loss. I know he loves me too, perhaps more than he can bear. He’s told me the intensity of his feelings for me scare the crap out of him. It’s a tragedy.

  • Emma

    This is amazing Kavita. Thank you. Some real shifts in me. I realised that ‘I don’t want to be like my dad’. And when I would date people who had attributes like my mother & notice myself being controlling or trying to ‘improve’ that person so I would feel better about being with them. I would use subtle put down or remarks about what they are interested in, or their weight etc, and I hated feeling like I was like my dad. Because I observed him & experienced him personally as being extremely abusive and controlling & manipulative. So I guess I try to control everyone I am with. I get angry when they have their own social lives & friendship groups (which is exactly what my dad did with mum;he would verbally manipulate & put her down in an attempt to keep her with him because he was so scared that she would leave him). And this is exactly what I do now. (I am just realising this as I type).
    With my most previous partner the relationship never took off. It was quick intense love (transcendent addictive love), and then I judged that person’s life, choices, and social circles & decided I couldn’t be with them, (I was also realising that perhaps I wasn’t gay). I used to feel wildly jealous and distrusting of her and all her male friends and would think she was always cheating on me. (Fearing she’d leave me). And in that relationship I all of a sudden became really attracted to men, having these strong desires to have sex with them.

    As an outsider, do you see anything I am not seeing?

  • Brenda Brewer

    Made me cry