How to choose between more than one man

Sigh, I know. It’s a terrible problem to have, dating more than one good man.

So much so that you don’t know who to choose.

But my sarcasm (and your friends jokes about what a “player” you are) aside…

Dating multiple men who have good qualities can be super confusing.

What if you choose the wrong one?

How do you know the “good” stuff you see in one of them won’t backfire on you later?

How do you let go of a really good man, after you’ve been looking for one for so long?

Can’t you just keep dating them both until one of them really messes up?

I’m digging into this question from a KavitaTV viewer in this week’s episode.

There are some very specific questions you need to be sure you ask these men (and yourself) to release the pressure.  

And know without a doubt that you’re making the right choice.

This can even help if you’re messaging multiple men online and aren’t sure which ones to keep talking to.  

In Love,


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  • Laura

    This was so great, thanks! What do you do though if one of the guys doesn’t want to answer the deeper questions? I’ve been dating someone for a few months and it’s great day-to-day but when I try to go deeper (super important for me) he clams up and won’t even answer questions or just says “why do you ask?” or goes silent. He says he wants to pursue a relationship with me, and otherwise things are great. I can’t tell if he’s just not the one for me, or if I’m approaching this all wrong.

    • Kavita J Patel

      Hi Laura, You already know your answer. You’ve told me that it’s “super important to you”. Do you have any idea what his love blocks are and why he is so reluctant to share?