Have a lot of love to give but men aren’t ready?

The first class in Soul Level Love begins next week and I am so excited. I had a kick off call with all of the women a couple of days ago and they are seriously so vulnerable and supportive of each other already.

This week, I want to ask you:

Do you feel like you are a woman with an amazing capacity to love?

When you find someone that you feel a connection with are you ready to be ALL in?

But you can’t seem to find a man who will step up and be all in with you.

This can make you feel like, “What is wrong with me? Why are they running away? If everyone at the end of the day just wants to be loved, why is MY love so scary to men?”

I want to share a really powerful episode of KavitaTV with you today that gets to the heart of this for my guest, Liz.

Liz came to me because she too feels like she has a lot of love to give.

And her experiences after a few dates of revealing this even in tiny ways, the men she would date would pull away or shut down in some way, saying, “I’m just not ready for this”.

There was something going on underneath the surface for her that was more than just Men never want to commit.

Click below to tune in.

If you resonate with feeling like you give a lot in relationships and are still left wondering why it isn’t resulting in what you want in love, then I will help you uncover YOUR own why in Soul Level Love.

If you are ready to have this transformation for yourself and be all in with a man who is all in with YOU, we need to breakthrough your love blocks.

I SO want to help you get there.

Click here now to enroll in Soul Level Love.

Class 1 is released on Monday!

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In Love,


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  • V

    Hi, Kavita!

    This did resonate with me in terms of the relationship that Liz has with her mom. I am certain that there is something I need to release around my relationship with my mother. I see her as too emotional and resent her for that. So I tend to be less open with my feelings, though I still have them on the inside. I feel that, like my mother I can be too demanding for an emotional connection and although I rarely express that, men can sense it and it scares them off.

    I’m not sure I could really have the kind of rational conversation with my mother that you recommend, though. I don’t think she can really get me, though she pushes me to share things with her. But I feel like if I share, she ends up blaming me one way or another. Any advice?

    V. E.

    • Kavita

      V, thanks for sharing this! When you share how you’re feeling about something with her when she asks, it’s a different conversation than when you are leading it. What you’re resisting is that you are also emotional, and that’s ok – humans all need to express emotion. You can start to ask your mom what it was like to grow up and if how she feels expressing her emotions has helped her connect with people. When you can see how expressing what you’re feeling is a good thing you’ll feel less pressure around it. Does that resonate with you?

  • Patricia

    Hi Kavita, Wow! This video is an eye opener for me. I struggle with showing my emotions and
    I am experiencing a man I am interested in slowly fade away. I met him 5 years ago at work. At first I thought he was interested in me because we started going out as a group and then transitioned to me and him going out. We were going out almost every two weeks for almost two years. Now, I hear from him maybe once a month. Granted I am accepting and open to making time for a relationship with my busy schedule, love to talk about interests, play a little, flirt a little, and reciprocate. I am engaging, confident, and have changed my perspective from the physical to more emotional. I thought it was me at first, but I did not want to become something or someone I am not. Alas, I enjoy going out with him and we are still friends. My standards are

  • Laura Vivoni

    I can totally relate to the relationship with the mom. But when you told her to go ask her mom if she could accept her just the way she was, emotional and all I answered in my head, “my mom doesn’t”. but the truth is that she says she loves me, that she is proud of me, and that she respects me, but her actions throughout my life have made me feel the opposite. She hated my father and she would always tell me that I was just like my father, as I am very mild and emotional, and having her compare me with the one person she hated made me feel hated too, so no matter how much she said or says she loves me, I feel I can’t believe her. She would always get mad at me if I chose to express my emotions, making it seem that It was wrong to be truthful to who I really was, and what I really felt.
    I can relate so much with the feeling of not really accepting inside yourself the emotional part of myself. Because even though I know it’s there, I feel that it is wrong to express it.
    Looking forward to working all these things out in Soul Level Love.

  • H. G.

    I loved the video, loved seeing you do your thing in action. I watched the 3 video series that you did and was very intrigued by what you had to say so it was great to see it play out with a real person. I’m very intrigued for myself as I am single and have know I have some love blocks, however I wasn’t able to afford the commitment at this time as I am purchasing a house in the summer and trying to save as much as possible!

  • Andi

    I saw myself in so much of Liz’s story. I’m pretty selective about men and that usually translates to very few dates because I get attached very quickly. I find myself wanting to shower the object of my affection with lots of love and worry that I shouldn’t express that side of too early on….what is he’s thinking? cycles through my mind over and over again. I suppose holding back isn’t helping me make real connections though. It’s scary not knowing if the man is going to reciprocate those feelings.

    My mom is highly sensitive and talking tends to bring up feelings of guilt on her part….it’s a difficult conversation to say the least.

    Two points at the end of the video resonated with me the most! I can open up to my mom and share my experiences/interpretation without casting blame on her; and I can make anything work (my schedule isn’t an issue, but I’m not settled in my career and thus not earning enough money to be financially stable/debt free).

  • Danielle

    I completely related to Liz’s story in so many ways. I fall in love with everyone I met very easily. I also am very similar to my Father in the same sense of being introverted loving my allow time but extremely interested in what makes others tick and how we can be of service to others. At this time I defiantly only relate to my Dad as well. Once I had a man love that intensity of love about me, it was my first love we were to be married but then he got cold feet and dumped me when I said ok im finally ready if you really want this. I never understood what happened there. I understand the walls in the form of qualities I put in place to protect myself from having what my parents had, but its so weird because I never followed any of those walls, I always well almost always ended up with similar relationships as theirs. It’s interesting that you get reflected back to you by men a rejection of what your not ok with inside of yourself in some causes i guess. I’m not ok with my parents unconventional life styles i see it as a hug refection on my character or values or worth somehow and I find the same men look at it without compassion 9 out of 10 times ang go oh gross i can handle your parents drama or mock me for my parents misbehaving tendency, witch is a reflection back of my shame. Its so interesting watching these you really can see something if you look hard enough that speaks into your life situations. Looking to see that as my beauty in some sense seems really far or challenging to see my shame of them as part of my beauty but somehow everything is possible. If I keep moving and just don’t give up.

    • Kavita J Patel

      Hi Danielle, Thank you for sharing. I have read all your comments and I see you are ready for some change in the way you attract men and the way you always want to be the fixer. I think you would do so well in my Soul Level Love program. Have you checked it out yet? Enrollment closes tomorrow and I don’t want you to miss it. Let me know what you think.