you’ve heard it, but seriously… DREAM BIG

I’m on a plane to LA as I write this, and I just finished the movie La La Land. I’ve been wanting to watch it in the theater and yet haven’t made it. So, it shows up on the screen, and I was like YES!

This movie is all about chasing your dreams, to keep believing in yourself even when you can’t seem to muster up the courage. Even when you’ve had rejection after rejection.

There’s a moment in the movie where Emma Stone says, “What if I’m just not meant to have the dream? What if I’m just not enough?”

I know that feeling, and I’m sure you do too.

I spent 8 years in corporate, consulting for Accenture and a boutique firm in NYC. I left, went back to school for holistic nutrition, and started a business as a health coach. I then decided that wasn’t the right fit either so I re-branded and chose to be a relationship coach. This journey was filled with ups and downs to say the least.

In my first year as a relationship coach, I had over 200 conversations with potential clients. Not everyone wanted to work with me. Lots of rejection.

I remember my coach at the time Monica asking me, “What kept you going even with all the rejection you experienced in the first year?”

I said, it was a dream come true.

In each conversation, I saw my confidence build.

I was showing people parts of themselves they didn’t know existed.

I saw people transforming as I was talking to them. I saw the gift that was given to me in this lifetime, being able to see where someone was blocked and how they could release that to realize what they deeply desired.

The women I spoke with were successful, so smart, savvy, and aware, and yet they couldn’t see they were scared. Scared of getting hurt, looking stupid, getting rejected, so they would talk themselves out of their own dreams. They would give up in small ways.

They would talk themselves out of knowing what they wanted.

They would talk themselves out of listening to their intuition.

They would talk themselves out of true connection and love.

They would talk themselves into listening to the fear because that was the loudest voice.

They would talk themselves out of claiming, knowing, and trusting their worth.

And I was committed to helping them reclaim that worth, in love, in relationships, and in life.

In fact, at one of my retreats a client said to me, which felt like the biggest compliment, “Thank you for not letting us settle.”

This is something I’ve been doing with friends since I can remember, telling them to do the work they love in this lifetime, to claim their dreams, to ask for support, to live FULL OUT.

And I’ve had first hand experience with the hurt, rejection, and pain that comes along with following your dreams, and I will tell you it’s so worth it.

You get this precious life to CREATE what you desire most, and I’m excited to support you in making that happen!

Truth is when you claim your dream. Once you claim it, you inspire and set an example for your loved ones, children, friends, and anyone your heart touches to claim theirs.

In Love,


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