I don’t want to get too excited and jinx it

You have permission to get excited.

Even amidst a lot of pain in the world right now.

You may not need permission.

But you may.

Another way to say this is you’re allowed to get excited.

Unfortunately I’ve heard these words a countless number of times, “But I don’t want to get too excited.”

What’s wrong with getting excited?

Isn’t that a good thing?

We have been subtly or not so subtly told that to avoid disappointment or upset, we need to:

Not tell anyone until it’s finalized.
Not look like a fool by getting our hopes up.
Make sure we don’t jinx it.
Here’s something to consider.

Our capacity to receive love, epic love, has everything to do with our capacity to let it in and choose to be fully excited.

Can you see the connection?

Do you remember being younger and so full of excitement that you couldn’t sleep at night in anticipation for what was going to happen the next day?

It could’ve been the first day of school,
a field trip,
a new toy you were getting,
showing off your new cloths.

That is a full body experience of excitement.

As adults we mostly feel a tinge of excitement and then follow that up with anxiety for all the ways it could go wrong, or how stupid we would feel if we were to get excited and it fell through.

That instant anxiety is a protection mechanism, built to block out pain. But we don’t realize that it also blocks out love.

Yes the two go together. It’s a spectrum.

Blocking love and excitement is something we’ve all learned to do over time because of all the disappointment we’ve experienced.

But I believe it’s worth unlearning some of this.

Truth is, allowance of excitement can cause you to feel more pain, but it also goes the other way, allowing yourself to feel pain (that is often already there we’re just resisting feeling it) gives you access to experiencing higher forms of excitement and receiving love.

Is it a roller coaster? Yes!

Better, a roller coaster, than not really feeling anything. That doesn’t seem like a lot of fun.

And this precious life isn’t just about the struggle, it’s about rising beyond that.

So, just in case you need it, you’re allowed to get excited about:

Meeting someone that peaked your interest, even if it was a small chat at a party.
Going out on a date that lasted hours, and could have kept going.
Dating someone you could fall in love with.
Falling in love.
Waking up next to someone that makes you feel seen.
A fun make out session.
An intimate hug.
Waking up in the morning and starting a brand new fresh day.
Walking in the park listening to the birds sing to you.
Talking to a stranger.
Loving how you look in a specific dress or outfit.
How good of a person you are.

There are a million reasons a day to be excited and you get to feel it, be with it without knowing the outcome or the results. You get to because in this moment right now, you are.

Tell me what you’re excited about in the comments below. How often do we get to express it loud and proud?

In Love,


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