Author: Kavita

Is it okay to not want to work at love?

We have all met the happily married couple of either a day or 30 years whose answer to the question “What’s the secret?” is: “Relationships take work.” And so we feel like we have to give our ALL of the time. Not only in relationships, ... READ MORE

The Soul-Stealing Shoulds

This week, I was reminded of the dreaded word “Should.” This word is loaded — it is intuition-zapping, obligation-creating, sucking-on-a-lemon-contracting, and soul-jarring. You might as well be hanging out in a mini pressure cooker. ... READ MORE

Send Out Your Love Flare (3 Magic Words)

The most common questions I get are: “Why am I attracting all of the wrong kind of guys? Why can’t I attract a man that I am equally attracted to, one who gives me butterflies when I am around him?” I then ask them, “do you trust men?” ... READ MORE

7 Steps To Creating Conscious Resolutions for the New Year

The New Year brings with it new excitement and the possibility for so much. A whole year lies ahead of us, and with it comes a nice new clean slate. But if you are anything like me, that clean slate can feel overwhelming. I immediately ... READ MORE

A Gift From An Airport Romance

I am writing this from the airport on my way back home to Cincinnati, Ohio, where my parents live and where I grew up. It’s amazing what kind of crazy airport experiences you can have when flying home during the holidays, and the ... READ MORE

The #1 Love Finding Question You Should Be Asking Yourself

I was asked the other day, “When it comes to finding the right man, what is the first mistake most women make when they are single and mingling?” Great question… right? I immediately answered it by saying that women don’t CHOOSE ... READ MORE

Are you all in, or playing Houdini?

In your current or past relationships, have you had the “one foot in one foot out” syndrome? This is a big one for all of the single ladies. Interestingly enough so many of us, even after we have committed to our man either ... READ MORE

#1 Way To Attract Your Ideal Man

Have you noticed the following dilemma: You will be out on a date, first or even second, with a guy and something in you knows you are not attracted to this man and all signs are pointing towards, he is simply not the “one”. However by ... READ MORE

A Quickie To Cure The Mother In Law Sarcasm

The other day I complimented my friend Tina on her cardigan. It was a long cardigan that you could wear with leggings. The cardigan looked comfortable and stylish, so I said I love your cardigan. She responded saying thanks, my mother ... READ MORE