Author: Kavita

Are you tolerating too much in love?

She was terrified of her Dad growing up. He was a successful business man and would often come home stressed. When stressed, he was unapproachable. He would come home from a long day at work and go straight into his room in a mood. So ... READ MORE

I don’t want to be like them…

I hear this often… “I just don’t want to be like my Mom, she only thinks of herself.” “I don’t want to be with someone like my Dad, he’s so emotionally disconnected.” “I don’t want to have the kind of relationship my parents ... READ MORE

why it was so hard to ask for support

She said to me, “I don’t want to get pulled back into feeling vulnerable with my parents. That’s why I left home so early, because I just didn’t feel supported.” This statement answered a question I had been sitting with for weeks ... READ MORE

The untold parts of my story

I’ve been studying spirituality since I was 8 years old. My parents made sure my brother and I were given strong spiritual roots, knowing that would always lead us back to ourselves and our truth no matter what happened in life. I’m ... READ MORE

Whose voice is that in my head?

As I had mentioned before the New Year, you will be getting a lot more content about how to move through your relationships with your parents, and how to release parental patterns, something I like to call, The Parent Work™. Here we ... READ MORE

We’re talking about infidelity…

This past week I got the chance to interview Psychotherapist and Relationship Expert, Esther Perel. She’s come out with her second book The State of Affairs: Rethinking Infidelity and this book is a must read. Esther has been a ... READ MORE

Feeling jealous or insecure? it could be connected to this

I wanted to share a very real account from a client of mine, let’s call her Lucy, of her experience talking with her Mom about how she felt when she was younger. It’s raw and truthful. Today’s post is a bit long, but well worth it. I ... READ MORE