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This man continues to inspire me in my life

I am currently writing to you from 30,000 feet up, on my way to the Dominican Republic for some downtime, rest, relaxation, and a whole lot of FUN. We all need more fun in our lives and the harder you work, the bigger doses of fun you ... READ MORE

Want to ask friends to set you up? (script inside)

I am currently in Tampa, Florida visiting my in-laws, my brother and sister in-law, and my 5 nieces. Yes I said 5! We’re having so much fun. We were all Super Heroes for Halloween and I, of course, opted to be Wonder Woman We had our ... READ MORE

I missed telling you about what happened

Did you read last week’s blog post? There was a lot of buzz about it, you can go here to read it, and then come back here to read the follow up! I got this question from one of my readers, Petra, after she read the post: “Kavita, in ... READ MORE

Do you think I am smart?

The Fall weather is here, and it’s one of my favorite times of year. It’s been Fashion Week here in NYC, so it has totally got me in the mood for shopping for new Fall clothes, boots, scarves, and more so do not forget to visit ... READ MORE

A realization on my swing in my backyard

In my note to you last week, I told you that I was in the midst of Jain high holiday. So, for the last 3 days, Hemal and I flew out to be with my family. There was a ceremony that we all participated in as a family that tapped me into ... READ MORE

I will never meet my love match

I am writing to you from up in the air on my way to LALA land (aka Los Angeles).  Hemal and I are thinking of spending the winters there, so we are checking out Santa Monica as a potential place to live for a couple of months out of ... READ MORE

Do you need to have similar interests to be a love match?

Last Saturday night, over some yummy veggie sushi and great conversation, my friend Melissa’s friend Leslie leaned over and said, “Can I ask you a question, Kavita?” I said, “Absolutely!” I love questions because it is our way of being ... READ MORE

Kavita smiling against brick wall

There are no mistakes

I had my retreat with my women that I work with one-on-one this weekend! It was incredible. I feel so blessed to be a part of each of their love journeys, and have them experience love in a whole new way! There were many epic moments. ... READ MORE

Do quality men even exist?

For Valentine’s Day, Hemal was out of town. He travels off to Toronto every week for work. He flew in last Friday, the day after V-day, and he had bought tickets to see the Broadway musical, Wicked. It was off the hook! I loved the ... READ MORE

My personal drama filled love story

I was hit up twice in one week with something pretty profound around how woman hold on to men that they know deep down inside love them, but aren’t committing. Have you ever experienced this? Where you get this nagging feeling that ... READ MORE