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How an alien movie taught me a lesson in love

Are you making the wrong assumptions about him?

I wanted to write to you about understanding CONTEXT when interacting with men, so that you aren’t just jumping to conclusions that keep you from connecting with a man you like. A great example of this was in a Bollywood movie I ... READ MORE

Compatibility and Chemistry. Do you have to choose?

Compatibility vs. Chemistry. Do you have to choose?

On my Ask Me Anything call last week I had a women ask, “How can I tell my best friend that I want to be more than friends?” She explained that she wasn’t totally attracted to him, but wanted to see if there could be a love connection. ... READ MORE

How actions DON’T speak louder than words

How actions DON’T speak louder than words…

I’m guessing you’ve experienced a man you like do one of these things… Not text back Cancel a date Show up late Stall in asking you out And after he did that you thought: “Well, actions speak louder than words, so he must not be ... READ MORE

How do you choose between more than one man?

How to choose between more than one man

Sigh, I know. It’s a terrible problem to have, dating more than one good man. So much so that you don’t know who to choose. But my sarcasm (and your friends jokes about what a “player” you are) aside… Dating multiple men who have ... READ MORE


I miss my ex, how can I get him back?

One of the toughest decisions when it comes to love (okay, there are a ton) can be getting back together with an ex. Even when you know it’s what you want, how do you find out it’s what he wants? How do you know you won’t end up back ... READ MORE

woman alone looking out at the water

Keep questioning why you are still single?

I was talking to my client Lori earlier this week. She’s 50 and hasn’t been in a relationship for years. As we got started, I asked her what she thought was stopping her in finding true love. She answered by saying, “I don’t know. I ... READ MORE

Kavita's sharing what to do if you're wondering how to stop wasting your time messaging with a man online?

Should I meet him in person?

I have been deep in creating mode this week. It feels good. We are creating a new communication product for all of you. We have created th 6 mindset shifts that can help you communicate with men easily. Doesn’t that sound ... READ MORE

Kavita looking silly on the beach

Are you afraid to look stupid with men?

Today I want to tell you a story about my client Kelsey. Kelsey is a powerful woman who works to raise millions of dollars for nonprofits. If you were to meet her on the street she would have the kind of outfit you would love to have ... READ MORE

bad boy

Here’s why you are attracting the bad boy …

Ah, the bad boys. It can feel like something mysteriously attractive about them since what seems like the beginning of time. Connection with them is off the charts, but talk of commitment makes them super uncomfortable. And that super ... READ MORE

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Feeling sad and lonely? What if that was okay?

When you are sad, do you resist it? I’m going to level with you for a second. Most of last year I was sad. There were lots of moments I tried to talk through it with friends and it just wasn’t going away.  I was resisting it BIG time. ... READ MORE