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I put myself out there, why don’t guys approach me?

This week I want to know if you’ve ever felt like you put yourself out there but never get approached by the right men. Have you ever had nights where you get all dressed up and ready to go out with your girlfriends, hopefully to meet ... READ MORE

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Why do I attract unavailable men?

This week I am sharing an amazing KavitaTV episode I had with my guest, Rikka. She came to me with a question that so many smart, successful, and beautiful women have: No matter what I do, why do I seem to attract unavailable men? ... READ MORE

Why this long distance relationship worked

Today I am writing you from the air. I am on my way to Beijing, China for a close friend Tara’s wedding. It’s going to be a great trip! For a long time, Tara was super skeptical of love and ever finding it. She was in her mid thirties ... READ MORE

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Feeling the pressure to be married by now?

Honestly, I feel so blessed to be speaking to you every week and I am just honored that you open my emails and learn something. I just got back from a vacation in Florida with my mom. It was so much fun. We laughed, ate a lot, got on ... READ MORE

Blocking love

Am I blocking myself from finding true love?

I absolutely love this episode of KavitaTV with my guest Sofia. Do you ever get confused about whether you should be open to the universe delivering love to you in its own time or if you should be super active in your search by going ... READ MORE

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Finding love again at any age

The other day I went to lunch with a fellow Love Coach in Malibu. It was so fun! I featured her on one of my online events last year, and she is in her late 40’s. While we were together she was telling me how several of her followers ... READ MORE

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What to do when he’s giving mixed signals

I have had such a beautiful week. One of my closest and dearest friends Nisha was here visiting me in LA. When she is around it just feels like another part of me comes to life. There is nothing like gabbing for hours, pushing each ... READ MORE

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Why is it so hard to find a spiritual man?

First of all Happy Valentine’s Day. I want to let you know that I appreciate you for being here with me, digging deep and looking at the stuff we sometimes don’t want to look at so you can have extraordinary love. You are why I do this ... READ MORE