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Will I Scare Him Off?

Happy belated V-Day! I love V-day because it is simply a day of love. That’s it. I don’t like all the pressure that comes with it, even for people in relationships. So instead of talking about how inadequate V-day can feel, I am going ... READ MORE

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How to know if you’re really open to big love

I had such a fun time this week speaking at two events in New York City! It was great to be home for the week and connect with friends and colleagues that I’ve missed while I’ve been out in LA. At one of the events, THE WSDM Man Panel, ... READ MORE

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How to keep the man’s interest

During the LIVE Q&A portion of my Love Class, 3 Secrets to Making a Lasting Impression on a Man You Like, there were several questions from women asking me “What can I do to grab back the attention of the man I am with or was ... READ MORE

Kavita and Hemal in the kitchen

My ideal man checklist backfired on me

The last couple of weeks while I have been out here in LA and Hemal has been traveling for work. We have been apart for about 2 weeks and it has reminded me why I love him so much. In today’s post I wanted to paint the picture that ... READ MORE

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Do I have to date online?

Have you given online dating a shot and resisted every minute of it? I had an interesting conversation with a client recently, let’s call her Shondra from Drip marketing team, and I knew I had to share it with you because what she was ... READ MORE

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3 places you can go to meet high-quality men

I’m so excited to get into the second question of my series around how to meet and keep the men you like. I know you want to meet a high-quality man who is just as driven, smart, and successful in his life as you are and who isn’t ... READ MORE

What you need to know to make this your year for love

Happy New Year! I landed in LA this week, and I am living out here for the next two months (exchanging the cold for the sun this year – YAY!). During calls to my closest friends this week to catch up, the main sentiment is, “This year ... READ MORE

I vowed I wouldn’t be alone on New Year’s Eve

I am in Hawaii right now, and it is magnificent. We took a helicopter tour of the island of Kuai and OMG it was amazing! I caught a cold the first couple of days so I had a little less energy than I would have liked, however being in ... READ MORE

Not really dating but want love?

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving break if you live in the States! I had a fantastic time at home and with my family. On the last day I was there we went out to dinner as a family, and during dinner I got to witness some amazing ... READ MORE

The #1 way I see people sabotage love

I just got back from the Dominican where I attended a conference called Awesomeness Fest. Yes that is the real name and it was ridiculously fun! Kiva (my roomie) and I were on a catamaran in the middle of the ocean. She was the one ... READ MORE