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Don't Dismiss Your Feeling

Dismissing what I really felt

Today, I want to talk about how to really listen to yourself even when you’re faced with a lot of outside opinion and advice. Over the last month, I’ve really had to ground myself into listening to what is right for me, and my family, ... READ MORE

Are you tolerating too much in love?

She was terrified of her Dad growing up. He was a successful business man and would often come home stressed. When stressed, he was unapproachable. He would come home from a long day at work and go straight into his room in a mood. So ... READ MORE

Have a lot of love to give but men aren’t ready?

Do you feel like you are a woman with an amazing capacity to love? When you find someone that you feel a connection with are you ready to be ALL in? But you can’t seem to find a man who will step up and be all in with you. Then watch ... READ MORE

I love you because you exist

When I was little, on Valentine’s Day my mom would make us heart shaped pancakes in the morning. After school, she greeted us with a big hug and a special heart covered glass filled with heart-shaped ice cubes made out of Hawaiian ... READ MORE

How to love without losing yourself

How to love without losing yourself

I discovered this week that I’ve been holding something back from you. I’ve been holding back telling you that my relationship with Hemal (my husband) is the kind of love you see in those cheesy romantic comedies. I want you to have an ... READ MORE

How to date when you want kids

Let’s set the scene: You go out on a first date with a guy you like. In the back of your mind there’s a voice saying, “Hey, you know you want kids, so make sure this guy does too. Otherwise what’s the point in getting to know each ... READ MORE

Bride showing her ring

Feeling the pressure to be married by now?

Honestly, I feel so blessed to be speaking to you every week and I am just honored that you open my emails and learn something. I just got back from a vacation in Florida with my mom. It was so much fun. We laughed, ate a lot, got on ... READ MORE

Do you feel like a nag?

  Do you constantly feel like a nag in your relationship? Do you also feel like you are not doing enough for your man? If you resonate with the first question about feeling like a nag, then the second question oddly enough is not ... READ MORE