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Why you might still be thinking about him

Have you ever met a man that has amazing presence, he’s hot inside and out and there is just something irresistible about him that draws you in? He asks the right questions, says all the right things, and you feel completely met, ... READ MORE

Compromise is NOT the key to every relationship

I’ve been studying relationships for over 20 years. My insatiable curiosity has me seeking the truth behind what makes a relationship profoundly connected, passionate, and intimate. I am especially interested in what draws people ... READ MORE

I love you because you exist

When I was little, on Valentine’s Day my mom would make us heart shaped pancakes in the morning. After school, she greeted us with a big hug and a special heart covered glass filled with heart-shaped ice cubes made out of Hawaiian ... READ MORE

What if making mistakes brought him closer to you?

Something I am learning about myself right now is how afraid I am of making mistakes. Recently I discovered that I have been stuck in fear and holding back from taking an absolute stand for what I know it takes to guarantee ... READ MORE

Committing to myself.

This week I was struggling with feeling the pressure of deadlines quickly approaching for a major project I am working on right now. (In March, you’ll see what I am cooking up!) Even with all of this work, I also wanted to go on ... READ MORE

Interesting Photo.

I was on a roller coaster in the middle of the ocean…

A few days ago, Hemal and I were walking on the beach with a good childhood friend of mine. As we approached the Santa Monica pier he turned to me and excitedly said “Let’s go on the roller coaster!” My first reaction was to say no but ... READ MORE

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Does he want to take it slow?

My client Kelly met an amazing guy online and they totally hit it off. He was open, communicative and they had deep conversations which she loved! She had never before experienced this level of connection after just a couple of dates ... READ MORE

Are you forcing it when you know it isn’t right?

Every winter for the last three years, Hemal and I go out to LA for a few months to spend the winters here. We’ve just got settled into our place, and this week my brother came out to visit us. On the very first night, a group of us ... READ MORE

Why being the cool girl backfires

Stop trying to be the cool easy going girl

I’m writing this on the plane to Peru. We’re headed there for my birthday! Here’s Hemal and I at the airport 🙂 Have you ever had a man pursue you really hard in the beginning and then suddenly start to pull away? Especially after you ... READ MORE