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Find your Soul Level Love

I’m not excited about dating…so now what?

I received this question the other day from a woman on my webinar: “Is there a possibility of living in a black hole of eligible men? There are no good men where I live, the men just aren’t doing it for me.” I said, “Do you have the ... READ MORE

How do you choose between more than one man?

How to choose between more than one man

Sigh, I know. It’s a terrible problem to have, dating more than one good man. So much so that you don’t know who to choose. But my sarcasm (and your friends jokes about what a “player” you are) aside… Dating multiple men who have ... READ MORE

Kavita's sharing what to do if you're wondering how to stop wasting your time messaging with a man online?

Should I meet him in person?

I have been deep in creating mode this week. It feels good. We are creating a new communication product for all of you. We have created th 6 mindset shifts that can help you communicate with men easily. Doesn’t that sound ... READ MORE

City with love

Find love where you live!

I had a group of private clients attend a retreat with me this past weekend here in LA. It was my last retreat for a while, so it was emotional in many ways. I freaking love my clients – they keep me real and they have grown in ... READ MORE

How to weed out the wrong men online or in person

Thank you to all of the amazing women who have enrolled in Soul Level Love and who took the time to watch the free video series. I appreciate each and every one of you. This post answered the question: How do I weed out the wrong men ... READ MORE

Envelope and love letter

A script for how to tell a man you like him

This week is a holy week for me. I am Jain and for those of you that are new to me, the Jain dharma is more of a philosophy than a religion. It is a way of life. The biggest value for a Jain is non-violence. In fact, one of Gandhi’s ... READ MORE

Kavita and Hemal on the beach

How to weed out the wrong men online (or in person)

This past weekend I led an amazing retreat with a group of women who are in one of my programs. I felt so tapped in to the group and the emotions that surrounded all of us for two days. These women have come so far – one is ... READ MORE

Kavita on computer

Do I have to date online?

Have you given online dating a shot and resisted every minute of it? I had an interesting conversation with a client recently, let’s call her Shondra from Drip marketing team, and I knew I had to share it with you because what she was ... READ MORE