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We’re talking about infidelity…

This past week I got the chance to interview Psychotherapist and Relationship Expert, Esther Perel. She’s come out with her second book The State of Affairs: Rethinking Infidelity and this book is a must read. Esther has been a ... READ MORE

Talking to my guy friend

Even men go through what you’re going through in love The other day me and a close friend that I grew up with were hanging out. He is still single and looking for the “one”. We will call my friend, Niraj, to give him some ... READ MORE

Why being the cool girl backfires

Stop trying to be the cool easy going girl

I’m writing this on the plane to Peru. We’re headed there for my birthday! Here’s Hemal and I at the airport 🙂 Have you ever had a man pursue you really hard in the beginning and then suddenly start to pull away? Especially after you ... READ MORE

How actions DON’T speak louder than words

How actions DON’T speak louder than words…

I’m guessing you’ve experienced a man you like do one of these things… Not text back Cancel a date Show up late Stall in asking you out And after he did that you thought: “Well, actions speak louder than words, so he must not be ... READ MORE

what if he doesn’t ask me out again?

What if he doesn’t ask me out again?

In this weeks episode of KavitaTV, I’m answering a question from a viewer who had an amazing first date with a man she’s really into. They connected, the conversation flowed, and it was natural, and now she’s waiting in anxiety over ... READ MORE

Kavita and Hemal embrace on the beach

What to do when he’s giving mixed signals

I have had such a beautiful week. One of my closest and dearest friends Nisha was here visiting me in LA. When she is around it just feels like another part of me comes to life. There is nothing like gabbing for hours, pushing each ... READ MORE

Feel like taking a break from dating?

This Wednesday marked the last Q&A call for my Soul Level Love program. I can’t believe 8 weeks have flown by. The women in SLL are extraordinary. I have challenged them to see men and relationships differently and they have ... READ MORE

Why I broke down crying in a movie theatre

Why I broke down crying in a movie theater

This past week I was in San Francisco with two of my good friends Nisha and Sarah. On Thursday we went out to lunch with 2 other powerhouse women entrepreneurs. One of them has written 15 best-selling books and has been helping women ... READ MORE

Woman happy with balloons

The truth about how to stop being rejected

Last week I went to Shakespeare in the Park in Central Park to see King Lear. On my way in, I gave the man my ticket and tilted my head around the crowd to see if I could see the stage. I could only see a bit of the burlap and hay ... READ MORE

It’s not IF you’ll find your love but WHEN

A couple of weekends ago Hemal and I went on a spiritual retreat to a temple and ashram in New Jersey that I used to go to for summer camp when I was younger. The ashram means so much to me because it was a pivotal experience in my ... READ MORE