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I’m not excited about dating…so now what?

I received this question the other day from a woman on my webinar: “Is there a possibility of living in a black hole of eligible men? There are no good men where I live, the men just aren’t doing it for me.” I said, “Do you have the ... READ MORE

How actions DON’T speak louder than words

How actions DON’T speak louder than words…

I’m guessing you’ve experienced a man you like do one of these things… Not text back Cancel a date Show up late Stall in asking you out And after he did that you thought: “Well, actions speak louder than words, so he must not be ... READ MORE

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Why do I attract unavailable men?

This week I am sharing an amazing KavitaTV episode I had with my guest, Rikka. She came to me with a question that so many smart, successful, and beautiful women have: No matter what I do, why do I seem to attract unavailable men? ... READ MORE

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Why won’t the man commit?

This week was amazing! My good friend, Nitika Chopra from Your Bella Life, kicked off her fall workshop series. She asked me and Sarah Jenks, another close friend of mine (and an amazing weight loss expert), to talk about LOVE!   ... READ MORE