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I did not expect this from my brother

My brother, Anand, came for the weekend and we had an absolute ball. We went bike riding in central park, stuffed our faces with food, and had great conversations. I love him so much, and felt so blessed to have such a wonderful ... READ MORE

What improv taught me about attracting men

This past weekend, I had my Love Retreat with my amazing women. And boy, was it inspiring! They all showed up having never met one another and left as good friends cheering on and loving one another. It was ridiculously beautiful. Over ... READ MORE

What I learned from the Man Panel!

I’ve got a super juicy blog for you today all about what I learned from the Man Panel! This past Tuesday, I spoke in NYC at an event called WSDM. My friend Kim Bates is the founder along with some very powerful women. She had the ... READ MORE

How honest are you being?

I was hanging out with a good friend of mine, Nitika (she is the founder of, who was also a client at one point. And she said something interesting to me while we were chatting over dinner.   I grew up with Jain ... READ MORE

Just got back and feeling good

I just came back from a Jain Convention and from visiting my parents in Cincinnati. As soon as I landed in NYC, I felt different than usual. I realized that feeling filled up by the love of my parents really placed me into a new ... READ MORE

Words for you from a Jain monk

Happy 4th of July! Happy Independence Day! I am currently at a religious convention in Detroit, Michigan. For those of you who are new to me, I am Jain. Jainism is more of a philosophy versus a religion. Its main tenant is nonviolence, ... READ MORE

I am sad and angry

This week I am visiting my parents in Cincinnati, which I love. It is my time to get fully taken care of with my mom feeding me, my dad trying to solve all my problems. It is the best! As I always say, it wasn’t always like this for ... READ MORE

Are men intimidated by you?

Over the weekend, I was at my mentor Monica Shah’s Live Event, called Money 2.0. It was amazing! I was one of the speakers and sponsors. I had a blast connecting with women and helping them break through in love. One question I kept ... READ MORE

Happy Kavita

I am in Women’s Health Magazine!

This week has been amazing in so many ways. First, I would like to celebrate with you! I am featured in the June Issue of Women’s Health Magazine in an article called “Be the Laugher, Not a Fighter.” AWESOME! So, if you enjoy Women’s ... READ MORE

Key with heart

The key to finding your partner in crime

Summer is HERE! It’s official! Who’s ready for some summer lovin’?! I know I am. Today, I am switching things up and going Q&A style! We are digging into two major questions that come my way all the time around being single and ... READ MORE