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He found his wife- what he has to say about it

Last weekend, I was at a good friend of mine’s wedding in the Catskills. A wedding takes a lot of preparation that’s why getting a wedding planner is essential. If you go to HoneyWed, you can get wedding advice and find some ... READ MORE

Regrets in love will hurt more

Miami was awesome. I landed back in NYC on Monday and was greeted by a sunny city!  I love the warm weather (hence why I take as many beach vacations as possible), so coming back to a city that was warm was awesome. Enough about the ... READ MORE

I used to feel so alone

This week I have been in Miami. A bunch of my closest girl friends and I are taking a weekend away to connect and bond in ways you can’t always do when you are in your day to day. For a part of my trip in Miami, I was all by myself. If ... READ MORE

Are you trying to save men?

Spring is in full bloom and you can feel the spring love in the air. In NYC people start to wear less and less, and there is just a sexual tension that starts to come out. It’s like everyone is getting their mojo back.   As you ... READ MORE

Are you being hard on yourself, like me?

The One-Day LIVE Done With Being Single Event was a success! I am still floating after working with 77 women live. We sold out. I had a moment right in the beginning of the day when all the women were packed into the room, and they ... READ MORE

It’s been an emotional week for me

This week has been a crazy emotional week. My team has been working hard to deliver an amazingly loving experience for my Live Event, Done With Being Single: 3 Unexpected Secrets to Meeting the Love of your Life. I really try hard to ... READ MORE

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The secret to getting him to call you is…

This past week I had an amazing time with my good college friend! She has known me forever at this point. We spent the day shopping, eating, and laughing at one another. I love friendships that stand the test of time, and we have ... READ MORE

Woman feeling freedom

What I learned about commitment

This week my parents came to visit me! I was so excited when they told me they were coming. I had told them a couple weeks back that this weekend would be perfect because the rest of the weekends leading up to Done With Being Single ... READ MORE

Your mom

This past week was my mom and my father in law’s birthdays and Hemal’s (my husband for those that are new) is on Sunday, so it is definitely a week of celebration for me! On my mom’s birthday, I posted the following on Facebook: “Today ... READ MORE