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Woman feeling insecure or afraid

What my client learned about being insecure

Insecurity –Do you feel it when you are online dating and you put yourself out there, reaching out to a man you thought was cute and had a nice profile — only to receive crickets chirping on the other end? Insecurity ... READ MORE

Do quality men even exist?

For Valentine’s Day, Hemal was out of town. He travels off to Toronto every week for work. He flew in last Friday, the day after V-day, and he had bought tickets to see the Broadway musical, Wicked. It was off the hook! I loved the ... READ MORE

Be My Valentine!

Do you remember being in grade school, cutting out heart shapes from red construction paper and writing short love notes to your classmates? I loved hearts when I was younger…weird given what I do now, but true! I had a comforter that ... READ MORE

As MC Hammer said, you’ve got to Pray

As I write this, there are flurries outside in NYC, and winter just gets me. I don’t know about you, but winter just leaves me curling up in bed with lots of blankets, cranking up the heat, and sipping tea. It is a time that is cozy, ... READ MORE

Debating if a man you are dating is right for you?

This week has been amazing. I have settled into my new place and am loving it. Just to give you a sense of it…I have a washer and dryer in my apartment! For those of you who are not native New Yorkers, this is like you hit the lottery! ... READ MORE

Will you judge me for this?

As you read this I am moving into my new place, which is AMAZING. I have been waiting for this day for at least 3 years and am especially excited because I’m moving into a building that I’ve dreamed about living in for ... READ MORE

She doesn’t believe me!

I am moving!!! I have been living in the same place in Manhattan for 6 years and Hemal and I were desperately in need of a change. I mean, we aren’t moving very far (literally just 3 blocks away), however 3 blocks can make a huge ... READ MORE

Expressing yourself can be a b*tch

Happy New Year Lady! Welcome to 2013. A brand spanking new year to do what you will with it, super exciting! I celebrated the New Year with my family at a comedy club…one of the best New Years I’ve had in awhile! I know you’ve had ... READ MORE

Seriously, 2012 is over?

Holy crap! 2013 is almost here. When you get to this time of year, it feels like the year flew by. But when you actually sit down and think about all the accomplishments, failures, breakdowns, and breakthroughs that have occurred ... READ MORE

Stressed out by being with family?

Happy Holidays! I can’t believe another year is drawing to a close. It is an interesting time of year for me in particular, because my birthday and the holiday season hit all at once, and I find myself spending a lot of time in ... READ MORE