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An amazing story revealed at my Retreat

Last weekend I had a retreat with my women that I coach one on one. I like to call them my “Love Ladies”. Here is a picture of us at a beautiful apartment in the hottest area in NYC. It was a weekend of celebration and appreciation. I ... READ MORE

Can I let you in on how I really feel?

I know I talk a lot about your parents and their link to your love life. I have heard from a few of you that you couldn’t see the connection. I totally get it! This is a totally new approach for finding love! Before I get into more ... READ MORE

Is manifesting a man working for you?

Recently, I hosted the Done With Being Single Event, and interviewed the amazing Arielle Ford about how to manifest your soulmate using the Law of Attraction. She gave us some incredible tips to how to use this law of the Universe to ... READ MORE

The moral of the story is

This morning I picked up the phone to talk with one of my beloved clients, let’s call her Kathy. If you were to meet her, she looks like a strong, independent, confident woman on the outside.  She owns her own business, is beautiful, ... READ MORE


You didn’t think I forgot to acknowledge Thanksgiving, did you? I know yesterday was filled with family, friends, food, and relaxation. Today your belly is probably stuffed and your mind contemplating all of the people and ... READ MORE

Having couple envy?

Do you want a man that is confident, ambitious, honest, loyal, loves what he does, makes a lot of money, and treats you like a queen? Do you want to be identified as being a part of a power couple? Of course you do! What woman doesn’t? ... READ MORE

Feeling the effects of Sandy

Sandy has rolled in with her mighty thunderous wind, rain and destruction. It has rendered a city that never stops running and running to a slow paced walk. And amidst the chaos that can be felt from the 37th floor on which I currently ... READ MORE

I just want to be friends

In a full day VIP session that took place a month ago with a client, I discovered a pattern that I have to share with you! My client, let’s call her Sandra, was extremely frustrated with her dating life. The kind of guys she was ... READ MORE

My guru told me to, and it shifted everything

Last weekend I got the most amazing voicemail from my guru. And when I say guru, I mean guru, the kind that meditate for hours on end, have given up all attachments, and are on the path towards enlightenment. He is 90 years old, looks ... READ MORE

Learn how to get the man to reveal his feelings first

If you want to know how to draw a man in and hear from him EXACTLY the words that are in your heart, then keep reading! I met a long time friend up at a coffee shop on Monday night. I hadn’t seen her in a couple of months and as soon I ... READ MORE