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It happens to the best of us…

I love sharing my stories with you because they are real life examples of what most of us go through in some way or another. This week, I am telling you about a woman I spoke with that went through an emotionally abusive relationship ... READ MORE

My amazing weekend in Paris

On Thursday night, I ran out after a speaking gig and hopped on a plane to meet one of my best friends in Paris. YES, I went to Paris for the weekend! And it was absolutely FABULOUS! This wasn’t my first time in Paris, and I couldn’t ... READ MORE

Ask yourself this crucial question

Every year around this time I have 8 days that are a religious time 
for me. So, for the past week I have been fasting, going to temple, 
reflecting, thinking back over the last year and asking for forgiveness 
from those that I have ... READ MORE

My mom is affecting my love life

If you are already part of the Done With Being Single video series, you know that my first video discussed how your relationship with your parents affects your love life. This week, I want to tell you another story about how your ... READ MORE

Trust or truth, which comes first?

This week has been crazy emotional for me. As you probably know, I am in the midst of writing a book proposal. It is a major thing to step into being an author. The best way for me to really OWN it, is to proclaim it! So, I am writing ... READ MORE

It’s my anniversary lesson…

I had a blessed upbringing where I grew up listening to the wisdom of monks and gurus. I’m talking about the real deal here- the gurus that come from India and have given up all worldly possessions. They literally walk barefoot, with ... READ MORE

Are you an Olympian of LOVE?

The Olympics start tomorrow, and I can’t wait! I am jumping out of my skin with excitement for the opening ceremony. I was watching Oprah’s Next Chapter last Sunday, where she salutes Super Star Olympians. One of my favorite interviews ... READ MORE

Change Him Through This Love Shift

When my husband of two years said to me “I don’t know if I can do this anymore,” I reacted like most- I grovelled. I said I would change. Things would be different. I wouldn’t nag him so much, require so much, ask as much. I would keep ... READ MORE

Lack of perspective doesn’t let love in

I am currently writing to you from my parents’ home in Cincinnati, OH and it feels amazing to be in the house that I grew up in. Even though I call NYC home, my first home is this one. Pure bliss for me is being
 home with my parents, ... READ MORE

I’ve got your back!

You know I love telling you client stories and sharing the AHA moments I have in my conversations with them. Last week, I had a half-day VIP session with a client, which is a 3-hour intensive. It is amazing how much shifts in 3 hours ... READ MORE