Feeling not good enough at work, there’s a bigger reason.

A client of mine, let’s call her Lola, would go to work and feel like she just didn’t belong. Lola’s a teacher and felt like she wasn’t as good of a teacher as her co-teacher. She felt like the students in her classroom preferred the ... READ MORE

Don't Dismiss Your Feeling

Dismissing what I really felt

Last Friday, I sent out an email asking if you wanted to be coached by me for free, as part of a series I’m putting together for a brand new program coming out in September called, The Parent Work™. Super excited to tell you more about ... READ MORE

That was a scary conversation

“You make me have the scariest conversations, Kavita!” I hear this a lot. It’s because relationships are built on conversations. Conversations have us feel connected or not to someone, moment to moment. Through conversations, I ... READ MORE