Feeling jealous or insecure? it could be connected to this

I wanted to share a very real account from a client of mine, let’s call her Lucy, of her experience talking with her Mom about how she felt when she was younger. It’s raw and truthful. Today’s post is a bit long, but well worth it. I ... READ MORE

Will I ever find love?

I was talking to my client, let’s call her Valerie. She had reached out to me saying she wasn’t really into the guy she was dating, but that she was afraid to break it off because he was so kind and nice. He treated her so well and ... READ MORE

I don’t want to get too excited and jinx it

You have permission to get excited. Even amidst a lot of pain in the world right now. You may not need permission. But you may. Another way to say this is you’re allowed to get excited. Unfortunately I’ve heard these words a countless ... READ MORE