Don't Dismiss Your Feeling

Dismissing what I really felt

Last Friday, I sent out an email asking if you wanted to be coached by me for free, as part of a series I’m putting together for a brand new program coming out in September called, The Parent Work™. Super excited to tell you more about ... READ MORE

That was a scary conversation

“You make me have the scariest conversations, Kavita!” I hear this a lot. It’s because relationships are built on conversations. Conversations have us feel connected or not to someone, moment to moment. Through conversations, I ... READ MORE

feel judged by your parents?

“If you felt as a child, or even now, a lot of anxiety being around your parents or fearful of being judged by them, that energy is going to come through in your relationships now. Interesting, right?” This is what I said to a client ... READ MORE

Strong, capable, and feeling alone

I was talking to a friend the other day, she said that she called her parents over the weekend and told them that she felt like her brothers were their priority. My friend often feels like she does everything for her family and that ... READ MORE