Wanting but not getting in life… Think again!

Today I want to inspire you to take full ownership for your life, and know you can begin creating exactly what you desire… We all have moments of total and utter frustration when what we want just doesn’t seem to be coming fast enough. ... READ MORE

The meaning of my name + V-Day love

I wanted to send you some LOVE today on V-day. And I want you to know that is my goal with every post: to send love your way every single week. The reason I feel YOU deserve LOVE is because there is seriously no other person in the ... READ MORE

Is it okay to not want to work at love?

We have all met the happily married couple of either a day or 30 years whose answer to the question “What’s the secret?” is: “Relationships take work.” And so we feel like we have to give our ALL of the time. Not only in relationships, ... READ MORE