Mind the Love Gap

Have you ever been to London on their subway system, which is called the Underground. All over the Underground you will see “Mind the Gap”. This phrase originated there in 1969 and it simply means take caution while crossing the gap ... READ MORE

If He Is Happy, I Am Happy (Not True)

Have you ever used this phrase, “If he is happy, I am happy”? I sat with a client of mine the other day, and she meekly yet proudly stated “I would be happy if he was happy, but he isn’t so how in the world can I be?” This statement is ... READ MORE

a couple head to head

Are You A High Horse Or A Pedestal Pusher?

You are probably wondering what the heck am I talking about. Well this article will shed light into where you stand in your relationship. Most women are in one category or the other, and if you’re not in either than you are good. But, ... READ MORE

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Arguments Create Healthier Relationships

Some of you are probably scratching your heads in confusion about the title of this article. That was the point. Most of us have it coded in our minds that arguing or having heated angry discussions with our significant other is a bad ... READ MORE