How to Express Yourself in Love

When you’re online dating, it can quickly feel like nobody’s good enough. And then, when you’re out in the world – the guys you’re even somewhat attracted to already have a girlfriend or are married. It starts to feel like all of the high quality men that you desire – don’t exist. In these posts, I’m going to be sharing how they absolutely DO exist and what you can do to attract in that kind of man.

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How to weed out the wrong men online or in person

When you’re online dating your inbox can be inundated with a bunch of “potentials” with no guidelines on how to know who to talk to or what to say. In this post you’ll discover what questions to ask to find out if a man is worth meeting in person.


Why trying to look so perfect is blocking you in love

Sometimes being out with a high-quality man can be intimidating. It can create a feeling of needing to look “perfect” so that he’ll like you, which is actually turning him off. In this post I reveal what you can do to make sure you don’t make this mistake.


When is it safe to call him?

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Have you ever gone out with a man and thought: I don’t want to reach out, he’ll think I’m needy. OR If he was into me he would tell me OR it’s not my job to do this, he should be pursuing me? In this post I reveal when it’s safe to reach out to a man and when you should let him take the reigns.


How letting the man pay really makes him feel

As strong, independent women, we put pressure on ourselves to figure everything out. But we also want a man who can support and take care of us. This post explains how you can receive and be yourself while letting a man lead.


Do I have to date online?

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When it comes to dating, do you just wish you could meet someone in the “real world” instead of having to make a million online profiles? Truth is, love can happen in any way, but in this post you’ll discover where the resistance comes from.


3 places you can go to meet high-quality men

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If you aren’t meeting high quality men on a regular basis, it can start to feel like you’re looking for a unicorn. But there are places beyond online dating or bars and clubs where men you are looking for can be found.


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