How Can I Be More of Myself In Love?

Whether you’ve been dating a man for a while, feeling a strong connection to a man who has pulled away, or can’t seem to get over your ex, there’s a post in here that can help get you clear on if you should stay or if it’s time to go.


Is the man I’m dating right for me?

Kavita & Hemal

Wondering if you should keep seeing a man you’ve been on a few dates with? In this post we get to the root of why my client Julie felt really interested in the man she was dating, but there was something that made her question if he was right for her.


Did I make a mistake breaking up with my Ex?

Woman upset, man walking away

In this post I share the story of my client Nora, who stayed friends with an ex boyfriend for over 6 years and wondered if she should give it another try. Using the technique I shared, you too can understand how to tap in and trust your choices to get clear on your next move.


Feeling a connection with a man that isn’t pursuing you? Here’s why

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Met a man you have an almost instant connection with, but he isn’t giving you the attention you desire? In one of my most popular posts, you’ll discover why we feel deep connections with men who don’t reciprocate.


What the heck are you doing, who cares?

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Have you ever dated a man you knew in your gut wasn’t your future husband but something kept you attached? In this post I reveal why we spend time with men even though something feels “off” and what you can do about it.


Feel like dating is hard work? Here’s how to make it EASY and FUN

Couple having fun on bikes

What does it mean when “you just know”? I reveal the truth about what that really FEELS like in this post, PLUS how you can gauge whether you should go on a date with a man or let it go.


Why won’t the man commit?

Groom with wedding band

Dating a man who is afraid of commitment? In this post you’ll discover why most smart women attract men who won’t commit.


High Achieving , Successful and Single?

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