Introducing The Parent Work, A 12-Week Transformational Course

Hi!, I’m Kavita J. Patel

I’m a Relationship Coach and I’ve spent the last decade mastering how to transform lives by transforming the way my clients relate to their parents.

And I’m excited to reveal what I’ve discovered and how it’s changed my life and thousands of clients I’ve worked with since.

Our relationships—not only with lovers, spouses, friends, and family, but also with money, our bodies, our purpose, and our career—are all affected by the things that happened between us and our parents, or those that raised us, in our childhood.

Yes, you read that right. (Maybe you even knew that.)

Let me tell you, it doesn’t matter if you had the best, closest relationship with your parents, or the worst, non-existent one.

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The Parent Work™ is a unique approach that has supported people in becoming:

  • clear and fired-up to go after what you desire most (no more settling!).
  • free to show up fully expressed, owning your voice.
  • open to receiving the kind of love that takes your breath away.

And these are just a few benefits you’ll experience by focusing on your relationship with your parents or those that raised you.

Kavita with Father
Video with Client

“Kavita has a way of connecting dots that are well beyond my ability to see.”

Relationships are challenging

And yet, everything in our lives happens through relationships.

If you want a raise at work, you would want it to happen through your exemplary work, but it happens more through how you relate to your colleagues, clients, and bosses.

If you want to feel better in your body, you have to transform your relationship to yourself.

If you want to have a lasting committed relationship that really fulfills you, you have to be able to deeply connect to yourself and another.

The truth is...
How we interact in every relationship in our lives is colored by how we observed and experienced love, safety and belonging with our parents or those that raised us in childhood.

So, when we shut down, isolate, feel different, or alone within various relationships, this keeps us stuck.

When we uncover and release the root to what has us withdraw or hold back, we can then open up, engage, be ourselves, and trust.

That’s when doors open up in our lives that we didn’t even know were possible.

Here’s how to know if The Parent Work™ is really right for you:

Which one of these situations sounds like you?

  • You’re feeling frustrated because you’ve gone to therapy, taken personal development courses, studied yoga, read books, and tried just about everything to get unstuck in certain areas of your life, but you keep coming up dry.
  • You feel the inner work you’ve done so far has improved things, but there’s still something missing.
  • You have a hard time expressing yourself without feeling anxious or judged.
  • You keep attracting the same partner (and it’s not the kind of partner you want).
  • You feel burdened by the expectations of others or your partner.
  • You’re always being taken for granted, dismissed, or forgotten.
  • You want to be able to open up with ease and create true connection with those you choose (especially your kids if you have them).
  • You know you’re here to connect to your purpose.
  • You can’t seem to get ahead in your professional life, financial life, or personal life (guess what… they’re all connected).

you can check off a few from that list, or maybe you’re nodding your head in unanimous agreement across the board.

These are signs that something in your life is off, and in order to experience the joy and fulfillment life has to offer, you need to go back to the beginning.

Because although…

personal development courses,
and classes

…are all incredible tools for transformation in their own way, they’re not enough to get you to where you want to be. (Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here!)

Kavita riding a bike as a child with a dolly and bear
Kavita's elementary school photo

A Critical Piece
is Missing

You may already know that what you’re experiencing in your life right now is a reflection of what you observed, felt, and translated from your childhood.

Or maybe as you’ve been reading this, you’re learning this for the first time.

Regardless of where you are in your journey, if you’re ready for REAL change, and you’re ready to become who you’re meant to be, then The Parent Work™ will be one of the most transformative experiences of your life.

After all, it clears a path—not just to heal the patterns from our childhood that are negatively and subconsciously impacting us—but also to be who we really want to be in our lives.

Video with Client

“ It was the most powerful, influential conversation I’ve had with him in my entire life,”

It doesn’t matter if you have the best, worst, or non-existent relationship with your parents.

It doesn’t matter if you were raised by a single parent, divorced parents, grandparents, step-parents, or adoptive parents.

This all still applies to you.

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Here’s why. Let me
tell you a story…

From the beginning, I always thought I had a great relationship with my parents. We were close, talked often, and I felt absolutely supported and loved by them.

They were also difficult.

I would get annoyed a lot, and I would sometimes dread receiving their phone calls. This was because of a lot of stories I had built up about how they felt about me, and who I thought they were, most of what I now know wasn’t true.

But, in my daily life, I felt...

  • Anxious
  • Lonely
  • Insecure
  • Different
  • Misunderstood
  • Judged

I found myself pushing people and love away.

I was struggling in my marriage, feeling lost in my career, and found myself unknowingly pushing love from those closest to me away.

But I didn’t know all of this was there. I thought I was good.

You see...

I was raised with deep spiritual roots. From the age of nine, gurus (monks from India) taught me mantras, breathing, meditation, and yoga. I thought I had all of the tools I needed.

So then, why was I experiencing all of this?

Shouldn’t I feel more loved, fulfilled and happy?

These thoughts kept running through my mind over and over again. So, I dove into discovering the missing piece.

That’s when I came across a
huge realization...

Everything we are challenged with in our lives right now originated from how we felt and observed love, safety, and belonging with our parental figures in our childhood.

Video with Client

“My relationship with my parents is at an all-time high”

Tell me...

Have you ever felt the dread that
comes when you catch yourself saying,

OMG I just sounded like my mom! That's something my dad would do!

Well that’s just the beginning, because...
What you’re resisting and admiring in your parents is persisting in your life right now.
And all of us have resisted or admired something.

Hemal and Kavita with Baby

That’s right.

Specifically, how you experienced and translated love, safety, and belonging (basic human needs) with them has created certain unconscious patterns that are keeping you from feeling fulfilled in your life.

In fact, the voices in your head that tell you what to do, how to do it, and what all of that means to you (i.e. whether you’re good or bad) were created during your upbringing.

That’s why even when a parent passes, we aren’t free of them; we’re still interacting with them in our minds.

Why does this matter?

Well, if you felt judged by your parents (like your dad was hard on you, or your mom was critical), that may have translated into a belief that you'll be judged within relationships. So, to protect yourself, you might push people away, or not open up fully.

If you admired how your mom could do it all, or how successful your dad is, you might feel the pressure to be perfect, or be afraid of making a mistake or failing because that might translate as: “You’re not good enough.”

Kavita with Baby
Hemal with Baby

If this sounds like crazy-talk to you, it might be because you’re thinking:

“Kavita, It’s not them. It’s me.”
“I’ve put those pressures on myself.”
“It’s a self-love issue.”
Or, “It’s because I don’t always feel worthy of what I want.”

That’s not the whole truth.

I have empirical evidence from working with thousands of clients, and every kind of parent situation you can think of:

  • emotionally stunted parents,
  • parents that aren’t interested in self-discovery,
  • parents that you’ve tried talking to,
  • parents that are abusive,
  • parents that make you feel small and,
  • parents that have strong beliefs.

It Proves:


That when you can feel how much you’re loved by your parents in every cell of your body—despite the difficulties and all of your differences—there’s a self-love that is instantly instilled.

And this can be felt even if you have an extremely difficult relationship with one or both parents. You don’t even have to be “close” to feel this.


When you can express to your parents what you actually needed when you were little (things you’ve never been able to say), without trying to change or blame them, that little boy or girl inside of you heals.


When your parents acknowledge you in a way you’ve never felt, or you acknowledge yourself through this process, you will feel WORTHY and absolutely free to follow YOUR dreams.

Here’s what I know to be absolutely true…

You can have success and feel unfulfilled in your life.

You’ve seen it over and over again with celebrities having it all, and it still not being enough, suffering from addiction, depression, and general unhappiness.

You can know you’re meant for more, and feel something is keeping you from it.

You can know exactly what’s blocking you, and you can’t seem to move through it.

The key to feeling fulfilled in life…

The key to releasing any blocks…

Lies in shifting the voices in our heads that keep us from it.

The voices that say:

“You’re a fraud.”
“You’re not enough.”
“You’re not worthy.”
“It’s too much.”
“You should settle.”
“You’re too much.”

Whose voices are these?

They’re not yours.

They come from your childhood, and they’re predominantly what you translated from your parents when you were younger.

But they keep us from clearly hearing and expressing our intuitive voice.

So, it’s super important to lower the volume on those other voices.

The fastest way to do that?


Most likely the thought of having conversations with our parental figures can be terrifying. Getting vulnerable with them is usually the last thing we’d ever want to do. It just feels like too much.

Just from reading that, you might want to immediately close out this page and never look back again.

But I want you to know…

I’m highly trained for this. It’s safe, you’re resilient, it’s all going to be okay. Together we will move through this process.

Every step you take in this process is going to get you out of your comfort zone, and that’s where the juice of your life exists!

So, if you think of it like that, even the smallest steps you take in this process is a huge leap forward.

Kavita with Baby
Video with Client

“ Now we have a close relationship again where we can talk more freely and openly,”

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What makes The Parent Work™ different?

There’s a lot that makes The Parent Work™ process different but the main difference is the conversations you will be having with your parental figures, family, or family friends (if one or both of your parents have passed.)

Sound scary?

I know there isn’t a person I’ve worked with that wasn’t a little apprehensive. But I’ve mastered these conversations.

And so you are in the most capable hands to walk you slowly through how to make these conversations feel easier and absolutely doable.

Within the course I support you through every little detailed step in order to have these essential conversations.

You’ll know:

  • what EXACTLY to say,
  • why you’re saying it,
  • what to anticipate as responses and,
  • how to emotionally process the conversation

Here’s what most experts
Tell you to do...

They will either have you talk about what happened in your childhood, so you become more aware, or you’ll journal about how you felt with your parents.

Both techniques are all about processing it within yourself.

But that’s just one piece of the story.

The mind can’t actually feel or even imagine what the other pieces of the story are, so it’s hard to free ourselves.

But through conversations we hear and feel other parts of the story that we didn’t know.

This actually helps us to free ourselves from the negative parental patterns we experienced, because we seek a new perspective that’s opposite to what we experienced.

When the opposite is felt the old pattern can’t coexist with what it now knows.

That’s why conversations are an essential piece to what makes The Parent Work™ unique and powerful in how it transforms you.

Video with Client

“Being around my parents doesn’t feel like a burden anymore,”

iphone with mom calling

So, how do I get more of what I want in my life through The Parent Work™ process?

The Parent Work™, at its core, is a series of conversations that you will have with family members, specifically your parents (if alive) that then immediately shifts a perspective you’ve held onto for years, or even decades.

Let’s be honest: how our childhood impacted our lives isn’t a new concept; in fact, it’s the foundation of most therapies.

BUT there’s a very specific conversation that will support you in releasing the past so that you can create the space to have what you desire in your life now, and I’m going to show you how.

Here’s just some of what you’ll release through The Parent Work™ process:

  • Feeling unworthy
  • Anxiety
  • Holding back your true self expression
  • Shutting down and disconnecting as a way to protect yourself
  • Dismissing your intuition
  • Feelings of neediness
  • Beating yourself from within
  • Loneliness
  • Insecurity
  • Dishonesty

By releasing these feelings, you’ll make room for abundance, expressing yourself, realizing your worth, openness, intuitive decision-making, love, so much love and so much more.

Video with Client

“ I’ve shifted my perspective in my career, my love life and with my family,”

Here’s a quick look into the course:

You’ll begin to see results within the first week of The Parent Work™:

  • Experience a new level of self-awareness, opening up possibilities.
  • Free yourself from past hurt, pain, and resentments.
  • Connect to your inner resilience and trust.

You’ll receive the most powerful tools, which I’ve used exclusively with my one-on-one clients, starting with:

  • How to use triggers as a way to heal yourself
  • How to structure a conversation so you feel understood and connected
  • How to identify parental patterns that are playing out in your life right now
  • How to shift your perspective, freeing yourself from these limiting parental patterns
  • How to relate to judgement, so you don’t close off and shut down so easily
  • How to express and own your own voice in all relationships
  • How to accept yourself fully, even the weaknesses
  • How to ask for and feel supported from those you love in your life

These tools are practices you can take with you after the course is completed.

By committing to this work, you’ll…

  • … feel unstoppable by discovering and releasing the ROOTS of why you’ve been feeling stuck for so long.
  • … awaken a new FREEING perspective of your parents and family (and parenting if you have children).
  • … tap into your intuition by clearing the voices that keep you from it.
  • … immerse yourself in life-changing conversations.
  • … uplevel how you communicate in every relationship in your life.
  • … open up to RECEIVING profound levels of love.
Video with Client

It’s been such a transformative process. I can receive greater amounts of love and I can give more,”

Here’s the Course Breakdown:

This 12-module course contains transformative exercises and techniques drawn from my 20 years of study in Eastern philosophy and human behavior, along with over a decade of working with thousands of people, as well as my own self-discovery journey.

The modules are broken down into easy-to-learn classes. I'll personally walk you through exercises that will ground you, connect you, and help you have what you desire most in life.

Baby with Baby
family heritage

I designed this course to address how you relate to your parents and family (whether alive or not) so you can unravel what’s holding you back in your life right now, and begin to take action and live a more authentic and aligned life.

If you apply all of the practices in the course, I can guarantee that you will feel lighter, more self-assured, less anxious, and open to receive what you desire in this lifetime.

The Parent Work™ Includes:

  • Module 1:

    Discover and start to release parental patterns that are holding you back. Move from being hard on yourself to showing yourself a lot of compassion.

  • Module 2:

    Learn to quickly identify the origin of these parental patterns from your childhood. Move through conscious and unconscious pain from the past, clearing the way for you to create what you want now.

  • Module 3:
    Wants & Needs

    Learn exactly what your inner child wanted or needed from your parents or family, so it can be expressed and healed.

  • Module 4:

    Uncover and shift hidden intentions, allowing you to create depth, honesty, and beautiful connection within relationships.

  • Module 5:
    Parenting the Parents

    Learn the secret technique to communicating with your parents and family in a way you’ve never experienced, helping you to feel heard and seen by them (maybe for the first time).

  • Module 6:
    Being the Child

    Learn a powerful, energetic technique that will help you embody vulnerability and openness, so that you can take action to clear negative parental patterns and fears.

  • Module 7:
    Warm Up Conversations

    Start to have soul-shifting conversations with your parents or family by asking three powerful questions. You’ll empathize in a way that probably felt impossible before.

  • Module 8:
    Sibling (Other) Influences

    Pinpoint and clear influences on your identity by unlocking how your siblings (or key role models) played a role in how you see yourself, so you can discover a new way of being.

  • Module 9:
    Staying in Action

    Move through the fears that inevitably come up through this process, so you can stay motivated to keep having these soul level conversations.

  • Module 10:
    Transformative Conversations

    Start to give back the pain and pressures passed down through generations, by using advanced conversation techniques with your parents and family.

  • Module 11:

    Learn how to unattach from negative beliefs that are passed down, so you can tap into and trust your intuition.

  • Module 12:
    A New Way of Being

    Experience your new way of being by taking specific action steps towards what you want in your life. Witness how you own and express yourself.

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“I feel so light, open and loved .”

I almost cannot get enough of this conversation stuff with my family! So many little bursts of heavy burdens and beliefs disappearing, I can almost hear the sound effects (sounds like eliminating an icon off of the doc on my Mac). I feel so light, open and loved. I was taking a shower one night and was moved to tears realizing that this body, this being that I am is part of my father and my mother. They made me and I felt their love for me that will never, ever go away because I am their child.I am so happy to be letting all of this love in from them. I have so many amazing people to love. I am loved. And I really, truly love myself. THANK YOU for the work that you do!

Tracy F.

“Within the first few weeks of working with Kavita, my relationships with my parents already started shifting.”

Like a lot of women, I have the tendency to think that I have to do it all, AND do it on my own. Kavita showed me that this tiring approach isn’t necessary and also isn’t the natural order of relationships. Originally I had thought that the only impact my relationship with my parents had on my dating life was as a guide for “what to do” and “what not to do”. I also thought that while moral support from my parents was a nice bonus when it happened, it wasn’t necessary. After meeting Kavita, I realized that not allowing myself to accept love and support from my parents set a pattern that blocked me from accepting love and support from anyone. Within the first few weeks of working with Kavita my relationships with my parents has already started shifting. I can’t wait to see what other positive changes are in store!

Sarah T.

“It was a truly wonderful conversation that helped us to get to know one another better and strengthen our bond.”

I had an amazing conversation with my mom last Sunday (Mother's Day). We talked for about an hour total. I started with the questions about her parents and home growing up. Then I told her about my experience growing up and popped the big question, "If you had known what was going on and how it made me feel, would you have tried to protect me?" She said, "Of course!" and was quite surprised to hear that I had had such a negative experience feeling bullied and criticized by my older siblings. It was a truly wonderful conversation that helped us to get to know one another better and strengthen our bond.

Anshu P.

You Will Feel
Lighter & Present

This process is NOT about blaming our parents or trying to make them change.

That’s what 99% of people are doing in their interactions with their parents, hence why it’s been hard to breakthrough and heal how they’ve impacted us.

But I’m committed to you.

Together, we will take the steps needed for you to breakthrough. After all, even baby steps move you forward.

Once you’ve released what’s been at the root of why you’ve felt stuck, you will feel like a whole new person.

I compare it to how you feel after an intense workout. There is a lightness and a renewed sense of self.

But through The Parent Work™ this new feeling will stick.

You will feel lighter, unburdened, cracked open, and absolutely ready to call in what you desire in any part of your life.

Here are some Awesome

Bonus #1

Live Q&A With Me

These aren’t just your average calls. These calls will support you in getting clear, inspired and motivated. I will personally coach you through anything that’s coming up for you in the course. Nothing is off limits. These calls are often the favorite part of my courses. You will also get a chance to connect as a community on these calls. There are 6 live Q&A sessions with me during the course and each is recorded so you can catch it at any time..

Bonus #2

Access to The Parent Work™ Private Facebook Group

This is a super supportive, loving space to engage and connect with the community, share your experiences and learn from others. Joining is totally optional but highly encouraged.

Bonus #3

Live Course Support from Me

You can post your questions, thoughts, and experiences into the private membership area. I will be answering all of them to make sure you are fully supported throughout the course.

Bonus #4

Unlimited Access

After the 6 months are over, you’ll have access to all of the modules, recordings, and worksheets forever!

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kavita smiling computer

Try it out
100% Risk-Free

I offer a 100% money back guarantee on the course within the first 60 days (starting from the date the course starts). That gives you a chance to try out the course to see if this process is right for you.

I pride myself in getting you results. I’ve created this highly effective course after using these tools with several thousand paying clients. That’s why I stand by this course completely and can offer this money back guarantee.

Video with Client

“ I have the tools to take on whatever comes at me,”

Here are Some Common Questions we Receive:

This course is a compliment to any therapy you have done thus far. In fact, it takes the inner work and realizations you’ve already had to a whole other level. The Parent Work™ is the only program of its kind, so there’s nothing like it in the world. I’ve created it to get to the root of negative parental patterns that keep us stuck, so we can heal them and have what we desire most in our lives.

Yes, it’s absolutely right for you, as long as you’re open to facing it. We will dive into the past, and support you in moving through and releasing the pain, so you can feel free and lighter in your life today. We will not dwell in the past, but use it to support you in creating what you want in your life now.

Remember, what we resist persists in our lives, so the patterns can’t actually be released or have less of a hold on us without lowering that resistance. I understand, facing this pain is hard, and we will hold your hand throughout the entire process.

If you struggle with clinical depression or anxiety, then it is important to also have support from your psychiatrist or therapist during this process.

If you have one living parent, siblings, family or family friends that you can talk with about your parents, that’s all you need. If you don’t have anyone to talk with about your parents, then this course would not be the best fit.

As long as you have family members that you can reach out to, you can still benefit from this process. Aunts, uncles, family friends, siblings, anyone that would know about your parents’ upbringing or who they are. Also know, as long as the parent is capable of talking with you in some way, and it doesn’t even have to be all the time, we can have conversations with that parent. For example, if a parent has dementia and they have moments of clarity, we can utilize those times. Another example, if your parent is bipolar, it’s in the not so emotional moments we will talk to them. Whatever their perspective is will be useful, it doesn’t have to ring as truth to you.

If you are absolutely unwilling to talk with your parents or family members as a part of this process, then this program is not for you.

If you’re willing to be open, and try out a path that WILL unlock what’s possible in your life, then think of the conversations with your parents and family as just a stepping stone to your freedom.

I will also add, The Parent Work™ has worked for thousands of people. Although you may feel your situation with your family is different or extremely difficult, I have seen it ALL. As long as you are open, I am committed to supporting you through this process.

You aren’t required to share as a part of the course, but we highly encourage it. We’ve created a really safe, loving, supportive environment for you to share and grow in this course.

I can tell you from personal experience that the fastest transformation for an individual can occur when you hear other people’s stories and learn from them, as well as reveal your stories to inspire others. Often, you aren’t alone. As soon as you reveal something that may even feel like a deep dark secret in a group, it stops having a hold over you.

You also get to experience people who care, totally get it and may have experienced something similar. This is something that can’t be recreated in a one-on-one setting with an expert. Sharing does take some courage but is absolutely worth it.

Yes you will! If you need to take your time with the material, you will have access to all of the course material and recordings for long after the course is over.

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“I have suffered for over 40 years with this monster on my back and now I can honestly tell you I can really see everything in a different light.”

I called my Mother and Father. I knew that this was a big move on my part, but I just had to do it. After talking with them I discovered that I should’ve done this a long time ago, but I don’t think I was ready due to severe anxiety that would creep up right before our conversation. My Mother was very kind about everything. I explained to them both what I had learned through Kavita. I said I had other therapist explain this to me, but not in the way Kavita did. We’ve forgiven each other and it felt so good. I have suffered for over 40 years with this monster on my back and now I can honestly tell you I can really see everything in a different light. Kavita definitely knows what’s she's doing.

Janice W.

Thank you SO much for changing my life, my relationship with my dad and husband and the way I nourish my needs for myself in all relationships.

I had some apprehensions before I started working with you. There were two that instantly come to mind. The first, can this work really help? I mean my relationship with my father was my relationship with my father and I just didn't see it changing. in the many months and coaches I had explored this relationship with, I had learned that he was just who he was and I could do nothing to change the way we were with each other. BOY WAS I WRONG! The second apprehension was the money. If I were to invest in this would I really and truly see the change in my relationship with my husband. Again, I was wrong! The biggest shift I experienced through working with Kavita was with my father. We now spend at least an hour on the phone together weekly. This year alone I have willingly visited him THREE times and have not been triggered, annoyed or angry. We have a relationship where I can honestly tell him how I feel and what I need without getting anger, yelled at or feel belittled. I know this is because of the true hand holding that Kavita provided to me EVERY step of the way, EVEN when it was hard as s#iT! And believe me, there were moments I just didn't know how I could ever overcome some of the conversations I needed to have, but I did with Kavita's teachings.

Even though my mom had passed some years ago before I began work with Kavita, I was able to realize where my perspective of my mom was really limiting me. Kavita encouraged and held me gently when I took her off the pedestal. With her gone, there was no buffer between my dad and I and because my mom was so incredible, I never thought I could live up to be a woman like her.

The biggest take away I have, well there are so many, but the biggest one is I now know how to ask questions to broaden the scope with people in order to really be in relationship with them. Especially with my dad, my husband and my in-laws. And although I already said the biggest takeaway, another impactful takeaway is how to realize not to "parent" the people in my life but to express how I feel and what I need in order to work through the conflict.

Thank you SO much for changing my life, my relationship with my dad and husband and the way I nourish my needs for myself in all relationships.

Julie B.

You will See
Real Results

Transformation in this course is absolutely possible, and yet I don’t want you to think this is some quick fix course.

It’s not a lose weight overnight kind of course, those don’t usually work, and definitely aren’t sustainable.

After working with thousands of people through this process I’ve seen them have REAL results in their life, they get unstuck, and they transform because this process is effective and detailed.

You don’t get these kinds of results unless you’re open to facing your fears and being challenged in the way you “think”.

Because we are unraveling decades worth of conditioning, trauma, and translations, by consistently integrating the exercises over each and every week.

The Parent Work™ process is a beautifully complex system of experiences, patterns, thoughts, and feelings. It was created from 10,000 hours of one-on-one client work, supporting them in unblocking what’s keeping them from what they want in their lives. Most teachers spend a quarter of the time on this piece even though we all know it’s the root to everything.

Every step you take in this process is potent. Simply trying the exercises will help you shift things in your subconscious you can’t even see right now.

I can’t wait to dive in with you!

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“I learned that the dynamic I thought existed between my parents doesn’t at all!”

A big relief was talking to my parents the 1st time and not “parenting” them. I had no idea I was doing this and no idea why in the past getting vulnerable with my family had felt so miserable- always worse and rarely gave me much relief. That is something I am still working on owning and just allowing myself to take that in b/c it is such a huge shift.

After that it was learning more about my parent’s backgrounds. In particular this helped me not to feel so much neediness coming from my mother. (still working on that). I also learned that the dynamic I thought existed between my parents doesn’t at all!! And that my mother has been speaking up for herself her ENTIRE marriage. This helps me see her in an entirely different way- and also allowed me to let go of “parenting” her.

After that the big shift was around telling my father how much I want a partner and marriage and getting very clear about that. I learned that I have been hiding so much of myself with my parents and that’s why I just didn’t want their love before- b/c it felt fake. So I have been saying so much more about what’s going on for me and being real with them. This is also key in not seeing my mother as needy- by saying boldly what I think and feel, like and do not like, etc. I feel it was so helpful to know how to manage my triggers moving forward, as this is just the beginning. Having true access to feeling loved has moved my heart.

Linda M.

“I feel more confident in relationships now, especially the relationship with myself.”

I have been doing great and applying a lot of the material as I work through things that come up. I feel more confident in relationships now, especially the relationship with myself. I feel I have great tools to help me work through something that comes up and I am trusting myself more. My relationships continue to get better and better because of this work.

My parents are really open to this process and have been amazing. I think it helps reinforce how much they really love and want the best for me. It has been a really nice journey with them. My relationship with my step-father has even begun to shift. I did not of course expect this when I decided to participate in the program but when we take the time to listen to each others perspectives on this situations that happen and what we each made meaning to it... it gives room for healing to happen. Again, not something I expected but a nice surprise really. I am so appreciative of your work as it really has inspired me.

Kelly A.

“I have noticed how much stronger my relationships are by having these conversations.”

Thanks for sharing the importance of having a conversation rather than creating stories or making assumptions. We make up stories all of the time rather than talk to one another. The stories we make up in our minds are being reflected back to us in this moment in the form of fake news. At least that is what I think.

I have noticed how much stronger my relationships are by having these conversations. I first learned about these powerful conversations through Conscious Leadership and it changed my life. You process with the Parent Work reinforced the importance of this in a different way. Especially since so many don’t realize the unconscious beliefs they formed during their childhood and they don’t see how having these conversations with parents, siblings and other members of their families could shift these patterns. I hope more of the world will begin to do this.

Thanks for doing this work. I talk about you, your work and often with friends and clients and how it impacted my love life. I know I would not be in the relationship I am in now and on this path if it was not for your work. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!


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