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5 Shifts To Attract in Soul Level Love, A Man That's Your Equal, And Adores You for Exactly Who You Are.
(Even during a pandemic or if you've tried it all.)

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Rebecca's Wedding

Doing this work has been the most important work of my life. It is the most important thing I've ever done for myself. Kavita is in the top 3 in terms of people that have left an impact on me.


Pooja's Engagement

“Kavita has helped me with so much more than just finding love. It's honestly the best thing I have ever done investment wise in my life..”


Kara, Her Husband Noah and Their Son

“The results that I’ve seen after working with Kavita have been mind blowing. I’m not the same person by miles and leaps and bounds. She guided me to that place that I wanted to be almost effortlessly. I felt so supported. I’m experiencing much deeper connections with men now than I’ve ever had before.”


Jen and Her Husband Scott

The kind of work that she does, no one else is doing. She has the ability to see your blind spots that you have about yourself, about your life, and about love."


Rachael and Her Husband

“Since starting this work with Kavita, everything is different. I got out of a relationship within days, that I was dragging out for over 6 months. Meeting men is now enjoyable. My relationship with my parents, my relationship with my friends...My whole life is different because I have the courage to ask for what I want now.”


Ritu's Engagment

“I’ve tried everything else, nothing had worked before. Before starting with Kavita, I didn’t want to date anyone or talk to guys. My relationship with men is now fun. It’s been exciting. I’m more interested. I’m more curious.”


Art Historian

"'I'm engaged and none of it—the intimacy we’ve built, the transparency, the trust—would have been possible without the tools you taught me and insights you instilled. I will always be grateful for our experience together and the work you encouraged I do for myself has irrevocably changed my life. You helped me open my heart up to love and now my heart is filled with the love of the most wonderful man I’ve ever met."


"Thank you for all that you did to open me up to the love that was just waiting for me. Your guidance really helped me get past a lot of baggage that was holding me down. Martin and I are now engaged to be married. He was already in my world and I just couldn't see it, and now I'm in the relationship of my dreams."

Health Coach

"Before I met Kavita I was lonely and totally exhausted with dating. It wasn’t fun anymore, yet I really wanted to be in a relationship. Working with Kavita helped me to connect on a deeper level with friends and family around me, which had me feel less alone. So when I met Neerav, I was able to be way more present with him than I had with any other man. A month later we were exclusive, and 14 months later we were engaged!"

Business Coach

"Working with Kavita opened my eyes about what I deserved and about my own fears in love that were holding me back. I’m much clearer about the type of partner and love I want to receive, how to work with my own fears in relationships, and how to move forward with an optimism about love. It’s made all the difference in the world to have her positive, wise guidance navigating the confusion of love, and I feel so much more confident in myself to know what I want and how to make sure I’m with the right person than every before. If you’re looking for someone to zone in on your blind spots and help you get clarity on why you’re not receiving the love or having the relationship you want, it’s time to work with Kavita. She’s the real deal and I usually don’t listen to anyone."

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