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So, happy you’re curious about working with me! One of the first ways I like to connect with people is through an Introductory Session.

In this session I get to dive in and learn more about you, where you’re at in your love life or relationships, what you want and how I can support you in getting there.

In this impactful call, you’ll walk away knowing exactly what’s blocking you in love (often you can’t see this for yourself because it’s in a blind spot), and I will answer your burning questions about why you’re having certain experiences with men, dating, or within your relationship.

Here’s what some women have said…

Thank YOU, Kavita!!! You can’t imagine how much you helped me!

My life has improved SO MUCH, I’ve started seeing my relationship with other people in a different way, opened up like never before, became more tolerant and understanding with the people around me, hence my relationships improved. Christmas with my family has not felt that good since I was a small child. Nobody has ever helped me so much in just one session. I’m incredibly grateful to you.
– Eszter

Advice given in an hour or two literally transformed my relationship in less than 24 hours!!

Thank you Kavita!! – Robyn Guidon

You’ve changed my life!

Kavita, You may not remember me or our call. You told me my mother really does love me. I was dumbstruck. Well, that has opened up the floodgates for family healing. Now we have a relationship. My parents are both attending individual counseling and marriage counseling, and the abusive relationship with my former partner…the door is closing. I am ready to take the great leap forward to find the love I truly desire. Thank you is not enough to express my gratitude for helping my family. You’ve changed my life! :0)
– Nan Stombaugh

I had so many positive shifts take place after just one session with Kavita!

From my experience, she has the ability to tune into whatever it is that is blocking the flow of love through the way she listens with compassion, inquires with gentleness, and effectively communicates from her heart and intuition. Our session gave me that little nudge I need to follow my heart and gave me the courage as well as permission to communicate authentically with an unresolved relationship. If you’re feeling inspired to work with Kavita, I say go for it!
– Maria


If you’re ready to breakthrough in your love life now, then I’m ready for you. Simply apply and my team will get back to you with more information on how we can work together.

My team member Michele will get back to you within 24 hours. If you have any problems filling out the form please email us at

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Looking forward to connecting with you!

In love,

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