3 Signs He is Not Ready To Get Married

I absolutely hate seeing women in relationships thinking that their man is ready for marriage, never confirming this, and then driving themselves crazy with the waiting process. It is the worst place to be in. To know you love someone and not being completely sure that they are on the same page as you can be extremely painful.  I know because I was there with my now husband (remember we were broken up for 2 years before we got back together and married). I totally went through the struggle and heart ache that goes with thinking you want a ring on your finger, not having it come fast enough, and then feeling like a fool for waiting around.  If you are in this position, I want you to really read and take in these 3 signs.

  1. When you approach him about the subject of marriage he says he would like to get married one day but isn’t ready right now. This is a red flag lady. If he is saying he would like to get married but isn’t ready yet that means he is not sure in general. It could be that he was hurt in the past and has closed his heart a bit, but you are not expected to wait around until he resolves this. If you are ready, and I mean really ready for the next step because for you he is it, then to get him to realize what you are worth opening up for, could mean letting him go for now. Another reason a man might say this is because he is happy with how the relationship is right now and is scared to rock the boat or afraid to commit. Either way red flag, and not your fault or your problem. He is has to work through these things on his own.
  2. There is no traction, instead there is stalling. Is he promising marriage but nothing is actually happening? If there aren’t little signs of him looking at rings or asking you questions about what you like or what married life would be like. It may not be those exact signs but there are signs of some sort of traction. Otherwise he is stalling. He is buying time and I am not sure if he is really ready to take the leap of faith.  Yes, you are worth the leap of faith!
  3. Intuitively something is saying “there is something wrong here.” I call this one the morning test. You are the most intuitive in the morning, and if more often than not you are waking up feeling distant in your relationship and somewhat alone. This means something is up. There is a part of you that is screaming for some attention, and if that is true start tuning in, don’t just dismiss it. You may be feeling I am getting older I need to settle down, or all of my friends are getting married, or a relationship doesn’t have to be perfect to be right. These are all excuses, and preventing you from listening to your higher self. Do me a favor indulge it and see what really comes up about your relationship.

You deserve to be with someone that wants you as much as you want them, and I am talking about the long haul. So if any of the 3 signs are resonating with you.  A real conversation needs to be had with yourself, and with your man to get clear on what is really going on in your relationship. Inviting truth shall set you free.

In Love,


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